International Women Day 2020

#Internationalwomenday #IWD2020 celebrated on #March8th by representing SHENANNZ Pvt Ltd #fashionwalk for the first time in #Dubai #hotelHilton #Jumeirawalk along with other renowned designers @hybella and #hosted by #ZeeArts by Zaahirah Muthy

#Theme: #CandleintheWind ”♥️ The #candle depicts the #woman who withstands the winds and burns herself to spread light all around. The #silhouettes are #sleek and #classy depicting her simple wish to become successful and black #embellishments shows how she #embraces her #difficulties with #pride!

#geonews #livecoverage by #sibtearif #dubai Syed Sibte Arif (Reporter) Raja Irfan Ahmed (Cameraman)

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House of iKons February 2018

Hailed as one of the premier shows of the independent scene in London, House of iKons has set a new benchmark for fashion events. With a range of amazing designers from the Philippines, Mainland Europe and of course the UK, Savita Kaye has brought the house down with her team in terms of showcasing talent.

In a few short years, Savita Kaye and her team have created an event to be rivaled.  Set during London Fashion Week, House of iKons is set to be a force to be reckoned with as they set up for the September show.

With designers such as Aandrei David, Adam and Alice, Sharon Bowen Dryden to name but a few showcasing at the event, it’s easy to see why the House of iKons is fast becoming the show to watch for new and emerging talent as well as long-established brands who  are coming to Savita for the best possible platform for their brand.

With more to come from the iKons team over the next year, they are the people to watch for fashion on the independent circuit.

Everything about the House of iKons says luxury and with more designers to come to the stable for the September show the future of fashion events is changing in a positive way.

For more details on the House of iKons see:

Images courtesy of Paul Francis Photography 

House of iKons February 2018

House of iKons February 2018

House of iKons February 2018



London Fashion Week: Two Pakistani Sisters Designs Appare

British, Swiss and Pakistani fashion brands SHENANNZ are worried about the black, white and Muslim women in western countries to get rid of midstestware. Muslim women will not be behind this alternative fashion style from anyone in the Western society.

Two Pakistani sisters’ designs exhibited at London Fashion Week

During the London fashion week, the House of Icon showcase was introduced to the new collection of Pakistani sisters brand SHENANNZ. Sheila Ali lives in Karachi but Anil Hussein is located in Switzerland. However, this brand is available in London, Geneva and Karachi.

In Muslim society, Muslim women are in favor of men

SHENANNZ BRAND is worried about the black, white and Muslim women in western countries to get rid of midstestware. Muslim women will not be behind this alternative fashion style from anyone in the Western society. Honeyla and Anila say that their designs cost a unique selection to Muslim women, which is a modern and traditional fashion museum.

The charming costumes of the British, Swiss and Pakistani fashion brand SHENANNZ

Notting new fashion admitting models appear to be seen on British, Swiss and Pakistani fashion brands SHENANNZ’s charming costumes, Zeb Tan, the London fashion week’s ramp.


Shenzhen’s hijab collections were also presented in this fashion show, organized under ‘Modestore’.

Eastern and western costumes

House of Icon provides platforms for emerging fashion designers. Shahnila Ali and Anila Hussein say they have tried to create dresses in the Middle East and west in London Fashion Week.

Unique collection based on fifteen costumes

The main title of the House of Icon’s fashion show was ‘Grandeur of Sophia’. Whose goal is to promote gender equality in all fields.

Brand revenue is spent on educating children and children

Anil Hussein told DW that the purpose of the SHENANNZ brand is to work on social issues through the fashion industry. This brand earnings are used to make children’s education and self-sufficient children.

Shenzhenkey brand ambassador Atitha Chudhary performs show stupper’s duties

Anila and Emperor wants to impress women from their own costumes that may dream, but avoiding the struggle for interpretation.


ShenAnnz speaks about sustainability and foundation

My sister and I represent those who have dared to seize the bull by the horns, stood their own ground for their beliefs and have taken risks to change the norms. Our journey, which was by no means easy. Is now a story of success.“ Anila said…so you can read their story down below.

Would you tell us what does sustainability mean for you?

Being sustainable to us is to grow and let grow ethically. We believe in fair pay and gender equality and to provide equal opportunities for males and females when we hire team members. This is how we believe a business can become sustainable as happy employees make happy clients and together we prosper!

I like an idea with foundation so would you tell us more about it? (For who is the foundation, how does it work…?)

SHENANNZ foundation aspires to raise educated children equipped with moral virtues, who would grow to serve humanity and make the world a better place. It is a community service and social awareness organization, associated with SHENANNZ – the fashion label known for its east-west fusion. We aim to make a difference to the community that we live and work in, focusing on the marginalized sections of society.

For a start, we’ve begun in our own backyard, getting to know the issues of the women workers in our own little factory and their children. The idea is to do something positive, in whatever way possible.

Whether it is engaging with the underprivileged and helping their cause or connecting donors to the needy, our work will encompass different activities. For now, we are just about gearing up for the tasks ahead.

We don’t know where this road leads us. All that we do know is that if we are able to bring smiles to our brothers and sisters and their children, by doing something meaningful, we’ll know we’re doing something right. And we welcome everyone who can help us along this journey.

How do you work? (Together, separate…?)

We work together and separately both. Being based in Pakistan. Shenila handles the creativity and team management whereas Anila is based in Switzerland so she focuses on marketing and business development in EU and Internationally.

Which material are you using?

We use different types of materials depending on the market demand and changing seasons. However, we mostly use pure silks in the majority of our luxury collection.

Do you have any ideas for the next collection? And where do you take the inspiration from?

For our next collection, we plan to rock at House of Ikons once again on 17th Feb 2018. This time it would be about digital prints and handwork with a binding element of black in it. We draw Inspirations. As we travel we look around our surroundings. So that we add elements of various cultures and make fusion as diverse as possible.

What is your biggest success?

The biggest success for us is that being women we made it this far. We became successful entrepreneurs in a society that houses male domination. It seemed like a dream a few years back but we enjoyed our journey against the odds. After all, we successfully registered our brand in U.K Switzerland and Pakistan. Bagging appreciation from people of diverse cultures. That’s what a successful fusion brand us all about!



House of iKons ~ February 2018 London Show

February 2018 sees the return of House of iKons at London Fashion Week. Promising music, entertainment, and the best fashion trends on the runway. DESIblitz has all the details below.

The Millennium Gloucester London Hotel once again opens its doors to the House of iKons for another fashion extravaganza.

Returning to London Fashion Week, the iKonic fashion event will take place on Saturday 17th February 2018.

Founded by Savita Kaye under Lady K Production, House of iKons is now in its fourth year, having successfully drawn in fantastic crowds since its launch in 2014.

Over the years, the iKon brand has developed and flourished with growing success around the world. But remarkably, Savita has remained true to her show’s original concept – to celebrate the new generation of global fashion talent. And 2018 will be no different.

Who to Expect on the iKon Runway

The House of iKons February 2018 London show will welcome amazing designers from around the world to exhibit their collections on the runway.

Designers include the likes of Mimi Parrel-Pimentel. Mimi is regarded one of the leading designers in the Philippines. She creates designs directly for The President of the Republic of the Philippines and the First Family.

Mimi will be exhibiting her collection in London for the first time in February, and audiences can expect royal fashion on the runway.

Also showcasing is Lavender Rose Designs. The stunning brand is founded by self-taught designer Sharlene, who creates outfits with her 8-year-old autistic daughter Tayla. Beautiful and creative, young Tayla loves to model and show off her unique designs on the catwalk.

The inspiring young designer has much involvement in creating new concepts with her mother, which includes using different colours and shapes.

Speaking about Tayla and Sharlene, Savita says:

“I am honoured and humbled to announce that Lavender Rose Designs by Tayla Mai our youngest designer will honour our catwalk February 2018 DURING #LFW.

“Taylor Mai at the age of 8 years of age has a gift; she sees beauty, creativity, designs and shapes in everything, something probably you and I may not see. Her condition does not hold her back, but has accelerated beyond words.”

Joining these talented individuals is another young brand designer, ‘Designed by Josh’. He will showcase a fantastic ‘Day to Night’ collection at House of iKons. Comprised primarily of women’s outfits that are perfect for both the office and a night out.

Josh hopes to re-introduce glamour back into the boardroom with his brilliant designs. Remarkably, the young designer is only 12 years old and ‘one to watch’ on the fashion scene.

Here is the full list of designers you can expect to see at House of iKons February 2018 London show:

Afternoon Show ~ 3.30pm

  • Grand Opening: Adam & Alice London
  • Camellia Couture – Children’s Designer
  • Che Arunjuez
  • Roseanne McNamee
  • Jennifer White
  • Mimi Parrel Pimental
  • Be Unique Be You – Children’s Designer
  • Grand Finale: Iris Rodriguez

Evening Show ~ 6.30pm

  • Grand Opening: HoneeMoon
  • Lavender Rose Designs – Children’s Designer
  • Bowen-Dryden
  • Shenannz
  • JAL Kids Fashion – Children’s Designer
  • Shahenda Hegazy
  • Designed by Josh
  • Jolie
  • Grand Finale: Aandrei David

House of iKons and The Sharan Project

Following an incredibly moving September 2017 perfomance, House of iKons will resume its close support of The Sharan Project.

The national registered charity supports women who have experienced domestic violence, forced marriage and honour abuse. It offers aid to both women and children and regularly works in partnership with numerous NGOs, police forces, and the Legal and Private Sector.

A cause which is close to Savita’s heart, the House of iKons CEO says: “Raising awareness that all forms of abuse against women and children must STOP not just here in the UK but globally.”

In addition to glamorous fashion, audiences can also expect non-stop entertainment. House of iKons welcomes celebrity singer-songwriter Doris Pearson who joins the creative team and will choreograph the entire show.

Sponsors of the February event include Club Organix, Bryanna Angel Media Makeup Artist, Ideal U, and Kids Acting Showreel.

House of iKons February 2018 promises to be another spectacular outing for Davita Kaye and her team. Alongside its regular London exhibits, House of iKons has travelled around the world with its shows, including Los Angeles, Bangkok Beijing, Dubai and Abu Dhabi and Budapest.

With the unique global platform that House of iKons provides, not just for emerging designers, but creatives and music artists, this is an unmissable event for your fashion calendar.


Karachi sisters showcase ‘modest wear’ at LFW

LONDON: Two sisters from Karachi showcased their ‘modest wear’ clothes at the London Fashion Week (LFW) and won applause.

Shenila and Anila Hussain showcased their clothes at the Millennium Hotel near West Kensington, facilitated by the House of iKons.

The “black and white” designs that were displayed are a favourite of a significant number of Muslim women, particularly those in the middle east and the west, who want to dress up stylishly but modestly.

The sisters told Geo News that they are creating fusion of the east and the west. Shenila is based in Karachi, but Anila is based in Switzerland and the brand is present in three cities namely London, Geneva and Karachi.

They said that at the core of ‘The Grandeur of Sophia’ lies a call and an expectation for women’s rights and the promotion of gender equality at workplaces all across the globe.

The sisters said that their collections have been exhibited and showcased at the Montreux Moda and Globus, Switzerland, London and Swiss Manor fashion week.

The two said that their brand is passionate about incorporating social aspects into the design work and focuses on empowering women by creating livelihoods for them and also by generating funds which helps educate their children.

They told Geo News that their creativity carries a strong message of women’s emancipation, their struggles serve as an inspiration to those who dare to dream.

Shenila and Anila said that their designs give women a choice on what to wear which is stylish, modern and at the same time high-end fashion.



ShenAnnz proudly presented its Fusion couture collection S/S 2018 at House of Ikons during London Fashion Week in September 2017. We are extremely humbled by the appreciation from around the globe

Collection theme is “Candle in the Wind ”

The candle depicts the woman who withstands the winds and burns herself to spread light all around .The color orange depicts the flame that is the energy and confidence she has, to reach her goal in life and the black depicts the soothe given out when the candle burns, that is the obstacles and difficulties she comes across to reach her goal in life .
The silhouettes are sleek and classy depicting her simple wish to become successful and black embellishments shows how she embraces her difficulties with pride !


Savita Kaye Fashion iKon

House of iKons was the vision of Savita Kaye aka Lady K. Created as an inspirational one-stop shop for emerging designers, this company has taken the fashion world by storm.  Having emerged from its original roots in London, it has become a tidal wave of force that has now circled the world and back again – iKons has become, in effect, an icon its own right.

house of iKons
House of iKons

Focusing her energy on providing a voice for new and emerging talent, Savita Kaye has created one of the single most successful fashion events in recent years. Celebrating diversity and talent, in a way that until now was a hugely expensive prospect. The company not only showcases a huge array of fashion talent but has expanded to be a proven platform for the very best of upcoming music. Not to mention the crew with makeup artists, stylists, and celebrities that are all queuing up to be a part of the show and to support Lady Kaye’s regular events.

Taking fashion, music and the creative aspects of the industry, she has become an avid supporter of a growing number of charities. Making Savita Kaye not only a leading fashion and music event organizer but, a hugely important advocate and speaker for women’s rights and children’s charities.

House of iKons designer showcase

This company is one to watch as her platform increases to grow, and showcase talent from all spectrum while staying true to the roots of the company by bringing new talent to the table and giving them a voice.  With her new designer’s garments now being sold in department stores, boutiques and featuring on red carpets across the world, as well as a huge array of music videos.  And with a client list that would rival the most famous of the Hollywood stylists, Ikons is a powerful voice in the world market.

Coming in February will be the highlight of the season! With the upcoming iKon’s show on the 17th, at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in London.  For more details see the links below:

house of iKons Tickets and show information link