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House of iKons was the vision of Savita Kaye aka Lady K. Created as an inspirational one-stop shop for emerging designers, this company has taken the fashion world by storm.  Having emerged from its original roots in London, it has become a tidal wave of force that has now circled the world and back again – iKons has become, in effect, an icon its own right.

house of iKons
House of iKons

Focusing her energy on providing a voice for new and emerging talent, Savita Kaye has created one of the single most successful fashion events in recent years. Celebrating diversity and talent, in a way that until now was a hugely expensive prospect. The company not only showcases a huge array of fashion talent but has expanded to be a proven platform for the very best of upcoming music. Not to mention the crew with makeup artists, stylists, and celebrities that are all queuing up to be a part of the show and to support Lady Kaye’s regular events.

Taking fashion, music and the creative aspects of the industry, she has become an avid supporter of a growing number of charities. Making Savita Kaye not only a leading fashion and music event organizer but, a hugely important advocate and speaker for women’s rights and children’s charities.

House of iKons designer showcase

This company is one to watch as her platform increases to grow, and showcase talent from all spectrum while staying true to the roots of the company by bringing new talent to the table and giving them a voice.  With her new designer’s garments now being sold in department stores, boutiques and featuring on red carpets across the world, as well as a huge array of music videos.  And with a client list that would rival the most famous of the Hollywood stylists, Ikons is a powerful voice in the world market.

Coming in February will be the highlight of the season! With the upcoming iKon’s show on the 17th, at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in London.  For more details see the links below:

house of iKons Tickets and show information link


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