ShenAnnz speaks about sustainability and foundation

My sister and I represent those who have dared to seize the bull by the horns, stood their own ground for their beliefs and have taken risks to change the norms. Our journey, which was by no means easy. Is now a story of success.“ Anila said…so you can read their story down below.

Would you tell us what does sustainability mean for you?

Being sustainable to us is to grow and let grow ethically. We believe in fair pay and gender equality and to provide equal opportunities for males and females when we hire team members. This is how we believe a business can become sustainable as happy employees make happy clients and together we prosper!

I like an idea with foundation so would you tell us more about it? (For who is the foundation, how does it work…?)

SHENANNZ foundation aspires to raise educated children equipped with moral virtues, who would grow to serve humanity and make the world a better place. It is a community service and social awareness organization, associated with SHENANNZ – the fashion label known for its east-west fusion. We aim to make a difference to the community that we live and work in, focusing on the marginalized sections of society.

For a start, we’ve begun in our own backyard, getting to know the issues of the women workers in our own little factory and their children. The idea is to do something positive, in whatever way possible.

Whether it is engaging with the underprivileged and helping their cause or connecting donors to the needy, our work will encompass different activities. For now, we are just about gearing up for the tasks ahead.

We don’t know where this road leads us. All that we do know is that if we are able to bring smiles to our brothers and sisters and their children, by doing something meaningful, we’ll know we’re doing something right. And we welcome everyone who can help us along this journey.

How do you work? (Together, separate…?)

We work together and separately both. Being based in Pakistan. Shenila handles the creativity and team management whereas Anila is based in Switzerland so she focuses on marketing and business development in EU and Internationally.

Which material are you using?

We use different types of materials depending on the market demand and changing seasons. However, we mostly use pure silks in the majority of our luxury collection.

Do you have any ideas for the next collection? And where do you take the inspiration from?

For our next collection, we plan to rock at House of Ikons once again on 17th Feb 2018. This time it would be about digital prints and handwork with a binding element of black in it. We draw Inspirations. As we travel we look around our surroundings. So that we add elements of various cultures and make fusion as diverse as possible.

What is your biggest success?

The biggest success for us is that being women we made it this far. We became successful entrepreneurs in a society that houses male domination. It seemed like a dream a few years back but we enjoyed our journey against the odds. After all, we successfully registered our brand in U.K Switzerland and Pakistan. Bagging appreciation from people of diverse cultures. That’s what a successful fusion brand us all about!



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