Curvy Mom Fashion: Why Cashmere Scarves Are a Big Must-Have This Winter

Cashmere Scarf

Why Cashmere Scarves Are a Big Must-Have This Winter

It feels like slim people have too many options in clothing and can get away with their fashion choices so much easier. But women with curvy figures spend more time finding the right fits and searching for versatile pieces of clothing that complement their body type. So, for all our curvy moms out there who need practical ideas for their winter wardrobe that will really give them their money’s worth, we have the best answer.

“Cashmere Scarves”

Not all pieces of clothing could be said to flatter any body type and any occasion. But cashmere scarves are one such multifaceted fashion item that are sure to look great on you.

There’s so much you can get out of just one cashmere scarf so read on to be inspired!

Style it to your Heart’s Content

You can style a cashmere scarf in endless ways. Either wear it casually in a classic loop, European knot, or twist, or wear it formally with its cascading elegance in a shawl style, one-shoulder, or cape look. Experiment all you like with the humongous dictionary of ways to tie a cashmere scarf, with their varying degrees of formality, modesty and ease. This is one accessory that you will never run out of new ways to wear in.

A one-size fits all

The troubles of looking for the right size can be the most frustrating part of clothes shopping, especially for plus-sized women. But luckily, these scarves are a one-size-fits-all. There’s one ideal size that has been optimized for beauty and comfort, and it fits everybody—another benefit that barely any fashion accessory can boast of. So, whether skinny or curvy, the same cashmere scarf drapes equally well on every body size and figure.

Easily Warm up your Winter Days

Looking good is just one part—comfort is just as important. Winters call for that extra layer of warmth and coziness. No material supersedes the softness and warmth of cashmere. The remarkable thing about cashmere is that it is super lightweight and not in the least overbearing or scratchy like wool and other thick materials. And it still provides incredible warmth without you feeling suffocated.

Then again, because it is extremely light and soft to the touch, it can be worn in every season and not just winters. You’ll be getting your money’s worth out of it all year round.

Additionally, it is made of completely natural fiber which makes it friendly for all skin types too. Even people with sensitive skin don’t have to worry about having an allergic reaction.

Modesty and Grace are always in Style

What better way to add coverage to an outfit than a scarf. Modest dressing looks more flattering than body hugging and revealing clothing at this point in time, if you happen to be a mother with a curvaceous figure. Not only that, but there’s also a certain grace we must maintain depending on our age and our body transformations.

Yet again, maybe you prefer dressing modestly based on your cultural and religious values. Whatever the reason, cashmere scarves understand the assignment completely. You no longer have to abandon your lowcut dresses either because all it takes is a cashmere scarf elegantly wrapped across to make the dress functional for you again.

None of this is to say that cashmere scarves are just a modest addition to your outfit. These added windfalls do not detract from how modern and chic these scarves look in themselves. The almost-effortless elegance and style they possess leaves you amazed.

And to help you see that, SHENANNZ did a photoshoot with our very own proud curvy mom and boss lady Anila Hussain. These photos are sure to convince you that cashmere scarves are the most fashionable and versatile item to stock up on in your next clothing run!

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