London Fashion Week: Two Pakistani Sisters Designs Appare

British, Swiss and Pakistani fashion brands SHENANNZ are worried about the black, white and Muslim women in western countries to get rid of midstestware. Muslim women will not be behind this alternative fashion style from anyone in the Western society.

Two Pakistani sisters’ designs exhibited at London Fashion Week

During the London fashion week, the House of Icon showcase was introduced to the new collection of Pakistani sisters brand SHENANNZ. Sheila Ali lives in Karachi but Anil Hussein is located in Switzerland. However, this brand is available in London, Geneva and Karachi.

In Muslim society, Muslim women are in favor of men

SHENANNZ BRAND is worried about the black, white and Muslim women in western countries to get rid of midstestware. Muslim women will not be behind this alternative fashion style from anyone in the Western society. Honeyla and Anila say that their designs cost a unique selection to Muslim women, which is a modern and traditional fashion museum.

The charming costumes of the British, Swiss and Pakistani fashion brand SHENANNZ

Notting new fashion admitting models appear to be seen on British, Swiss and Pakistani fashion brands SHENANNZ’s charming costumes, Zeb Tan, the London fashion week’s ramp.


Shenzhen’s hijab collections were also presented in this fashion show, organized under ‘Modestore’.

Eastern and western costumes

House of Icon provides platforms for emerging fashion designers. Shahnila Ali and Anila Hussein say they have tried to create dresses in the Middle East and west in London Fashion Week.

Unique collection based on fifteen costumes

The main title of the House of Icon’s fashion show was ‘Grandeur of Sophia’. Whose goal is to promote gender equality in all fields.

Brand revenue is spent on educating children and children

Anil Hussein told DW that the purpose of the SHENANNZ brand is to work on social issues through the fashion industry. This brand earnings are used to make children’s education and self-sufficient children.

Shenzhenkey brand ambassador Atitha Chudhary performs show stupper’s duties

Anila and Emperor wants to impress women from their own costumes that may dream, but avoiding the struggle for interpretation.


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