Curvy moms pave the way

Curvy moms pave the way to an inclusive future

More often than not, a mother’s post-natal feelings lie along the lines of adapting to all the changes happening within and outside her body. Naturally, your body structure after birth changes, because the body that was housing a human being before, nurturing it, nourishing it, isn’t doing so anymore. So naturally, as well as relaxing your muscles, your body also expands a significant amount.

This is a normal and natural process, and your body needs time to get back to the shape that it was in originally, and even if it can’t, that’s fine as well. You know why? Because in the end, it’s your physique, your body, and you have a right to maintain it the way you want and think comfortable. Be it curvy, be it slim.

Some peers, oh-so-ignorantly, somehow perceive it ok to tell new mothers (and others) to stay ‘in shape’ after they’ve given birth, very insistently might I add. Without ever researching why the changes in a mother’s bodies happen and why they’re that much harder to get rid of, especially in a short period of time. Hence we need to remove and completely wipe out the notion and the deep-rooted thinking that being a curvy mother is somehow not okay.

Society and its imperfect ideals

Society has a way of forcing their views and standards of beauty on all of us, call it an extreme peer pressure if you will. Some of it is the fault of our fashion industry, some because of our media. But because of that invisible hand of pressure, we, as humans try to conform to those standards perceived by many as something normal and that which must be common, hence necessary. Wrong. Beauty standards, as well as body type preferences and liking, is completely subjective, and if you were to conform the whole society into one box shaped idea or perception of beauty, wouldn’t it be unfair to the masses?

So the main take away from all the aforementioned miniature speech is that, all body types are natural, and all body types are acceptable, granted you stay healthy and comfortable in your own skin. It’s about time we break free from this stigmatized view of body shapes and sizes and become our own person regardless of our weights and heights.

Paving the way

Thankfully, because of the ever evolving nature of the fashion industry, as well as the retail centers and media enterprises, the narrative surrounding the ‘ideal body type’ is alas changing and evolving into a more humane approach to the matter. More and more plus-sized models like Ashley Graham are now being included in the runway shows as well as clothing and ad campaigns, which might not seem like much but it’s a huge step from where we initially started. Because of this inclusivity, more and more people are now embracing their body types, and learning how to love themselves the way they are, regardless of what people may say.

This may seem easy but it was a steady and gradual process, and a struggle that every plus sized person had to endure, for example, criticism from their peers, not being able to get the kind of clothes they wanted because stores wouldn’t carry their sizes, and having to stifle yourself emotionally and physically just to fit a narrative that was flawed in the first place.

How the narratives change

Now we are finally at a point in time where all plus sized women, mothers or otherwise, don’t have to stifle their own individuality just for the sake of fitting in. They can accept and express themselves more freely because of this expansion, inclusion, and evolution in the fashion and media industry. More and more plus sized women are opening their own designer brands, their own clothing lines specific to people that don’t generally get included in the size charts. This is more than a breakthrough because this ensures a place for all the plus sized people out there; this ensures that they get the respect they deserve, regardless of their weights or heights.

This inclusion is not only privy to the fashion industry, but has also been integrated as a part of the media terrain. Now you’ll see more plus sized actresses and actors in leading roles as opposed to 10 or maybe 20 years ago. Media representation matters because the media has a big role in paving and shaping people’s minds, hence their perceptions. So we’re not too far from a non-judgmental world where all sizes and shapes will be considered beautiful, by everyone, where people’s individuality will have room to breathe.

From influencers to even normal people, all are encouraging this notion; accepting the way you are. Now you’ll see a lot of curvy mothers confidently dressing up, going out, and even getting photo shoots done just because they felt like it, and that’s the way it should be. Normalizing being a mother with a curvaceous figure. People who would normally get conscious about their weights and cease posting photos on the social media do so freely now, because they know they won’t be criticized, and why should they be? Most importantly, people who used to cut back on their diet and adopt an unhealthier lifestyle are no longer doing so, which is one of the most important changes this movement has brought about.

We owe it to those people who stood for this change; we owe it to them to live a healthier, happier lifestyle, to not worry constantly about our weight. Most of all, we owe it to those women who stood for us all, against the thrashing waves of disdain. They’re the idols that paved the way for others.

So if no one has told you today, we’re proud of you. We are proud of you for breaking through stereotypes and not confining to the standards set by a society so hell bent on molding every person into a certain shape. We are proud of you, for learning to love yourself despite all these trials and tribulations, and we are proud of you for never losing hope, for never giving up, for pushing through even when the hurdles seemed too high to jump over or when the walls enacted in front of you stood too mighty and tall. But most of all, we are proud of you, for being kind to your own self.

These women CAN: Reflections from a modest fashion collaboration with SHENANNZ

In one of its recent photoshoots for its scarves collection, SHENANNZ brought together some aspiring women of diverse backgrounds and cultures. Being different in so many ways, what was it that led them here and then brought them together? It was the one aim they all had in common: To empower women– themselves first and, by extension, all women, like or unlike themselves, around the world.

Each of these women has a story, and each story is worth telling and holds the power to inspire many others too. Who are these women? What is the journey they undertook before they got here? What do they have to say looking back at this collaboration with SHENANNZ? We dedicate this blog to these women, their recollections, and their aspirations.

Vibrantly spearheading this photoshoot with SHENANNZ, was Moya, a woman who has shown the world her power by using fashion as her symbol of freedom and expression, never being afraid to step beyond mundane societal fashion norms. She truly embraced fashion as an expression of nothing but her own unique self and her freedom.

We also had Eveline Lehmann: A content creator, psychological counsellor IKP, counsellor with Advanced Federal Diploma HFP, and mental coach HLS.

As a former flight attendant of the National Airline, she is a remarkable, open minded person whose interests lie in a plethora of amazing pursuits, including women empowerment, fashion/lifestyle, sports, nature, photography, literature, and meditation!

And that’s not all. There were others who were also a part of this dynamic, diverse team, all of them stunning human beings. Some of their stories and reflections deserve to be shared in their own words. Hear what they have to say.

From Moya:

I was someone who grew up with a taste for fashion, which is also quite strange because, somehow, I started out as a tomboy! I lacked so much self-confidence when I was growing up that I kind of hid behind trying to look like a boy. Once, when walking on the street, this person approached me and told me you look like a model, and I was like, “Far from!”

But somehow, by the time I was 15, I was already doing modeling. I started at 11, however, with little competitions. Mini miss this, mini miss that. At about age 16, I traveled to Germany. That’s when I landed a contract and started professional modeling. For me, modeling became like an alter ego – someone who I would try to be to try and be confident, even though I wasn’t.”

There was something that my mum once said – that I was the kind of child who, if I had to go to the shop, I’d always make sure I go to my closet and put my best outfit on, just as if I’m always in a fashion show.

That’s where, I would say, fashion shows me, because I had a taste where I saw clothes that other people probably wouldn’t wear. I was bold enough to wear colors as a black woman in Germany. When I moved to Germany, there were only black, or white, or brown colors around me. But Moya would walk around with a bright yellow dress and a bright yellow bag, or orange on orange, or reds and blues and pinks and purple…and everywhere I went, as a tall, black girl of 179, I stood out.”

And I think that’s what drew a lot of attention to me. I always wondered to myself: How is it that people always stare at me? Not realizing that it was just me being me, because I just enjoyed wearing clothing that described who I am. And fashion for me…that’s what it is about.

I think fashion is about expressing yourself in the way you dress. I always say this to people around me. They know I don’t dress to please anyone; I dress to please myself. And my outfits always choose me, so you can always tell the days I’m in or the moods I’m in depending on the clothes I wear.”

For all the little girls out there: Never be afraid and never be shy to express yourself. If you can’t express yourself through words, you can express yourself through your attire, the way you dress, the way you look. Because I believe that each one of us is beautiful in their own ways, and the way we dress, a lot of times, speaks about who we are. I have always believed that.

And that is why I have now embraced the way I was growing up. In a way where I never really saw the beauty in my skin tone, or saw the beauty each time I looked in the mirror, wondering: Why do my facial features look different from other girls? Why was I so tall and skinny? Why was my forehead so big? But, for me now, it is who I am.

I’ve always dressed to compliment my body and compliment myself, and therefore, that is what drives me to be in this fashion world…to show the world you don’t have to be like what society wants you to be. Regardless of whether you’re Muslim or if you’re Hindu or if you’re Christian. Regardless of what religion you are, there is beauty in everything that you put on your body. You don’t have to dress sexy to be beautiful. You don’t have to dress too elegant to look posh. It’s about literally expressing yourself through clothing.”

When I decided to do the collaboration with SHENANNZ, for me, it was about what the company stood for – about women, about women empowerment, about showing the world that you can bring quality into style, and you can make that style into something else. And that is what I admired about the logo, about the whole motto, about everything pertaining to the company.

When I thought of the scarves or the silk tops or whatever it is that I was working with, my goal was always to ensure I brought diversity. I brought the 16-year-old girl who could wear something that looked so different yet so beautiful. Someone who maybe would never wear a silk top in their life but would still look at it and see something unique about it because it was about bringing women of all nations, of all skin tones together to create something that was so beautiful.”

From Aya:

(Born and raised in Switzerland, originally from Egypt and Lebanon).

Seeing the beautiful scarves inspired me, and it was important for me to be a part of any Muslim project that was spreading positivity about Islam in Switzerland, Europe, and the whole world. I felt those beautiful scarves would change the light in which people see hijabis in Europe, and so of course, I wanted to be a part of this. As a Muslim girl who wears a hijab, having a modest fashion brand in Switzerland is huge for me, and it’s so high-quality too, which makes it even better.

Working with SHENANNZ and Moya was one of the best experiences I’ve had so far. The atmosphere was very beautiful, we had a lot of fun, no stress, and I am very pleasantly surprised by the results of the shoot. I am proud to have worked with them. It was an honor. Thank you.”

From Talita:

My name is Talita. I was born in Spain and moved to Switzerland as a 7-year-old. My nationality is a mix between Swiss, German, Polish and Spanish.

I have been wearing a head covering for the last 15 months so far. It has become so much more than just clothing for me! That’s why it was so amazing and such a great honor for me to be chosen for this special photoshoot.

I am proud to have represented this meaningful and pretty, high-quality modest fashion brand. For me, this collaboration with Moya and Anila (SHENANNZ) was an extraordinary, beautiful, and empowering experience!

They interacted on such a personal level and were so sweet and kind and lovely! We formed a wonderful connection and had so much fun during the shoot. I look forward to a future collaboration, and, more importantly, to keeping this friendship!

Thank you for this pleasure.”

We too, at SHENANNZ, are honored and overjoyed to have worked with amazing women like these. This bond of womanhood that we share is our strength.

To all these amazing women, and many more across the world, we send our love and more power to them. You can achieve whatever you set your mind to. Believe it. YOU can!

Art Nouveau: A tale of our cities


It all started in the bustling city of Karachi, inside a Parsi school where a girl found solace within the arts. Letting her creativity flow through whatever her little fingers could wrap around, whether it was a paintbrush or a needle, spilling her vibrant energy through expressive colors and designs onto a blank canvas. They say humans are inherently attracted to their craft and this was hers. This is the story of Shenila Ali. The designer with a purpose.

Talent only takes you halfway, the rest lies in your efforts and hard work. That is why from a young age, Shenila nurtured her passion by not only designing and stitching her own dresses but also embroidering them by hand, understanding how something worthwhile only comes from attention to detail, as well as dedication to the process.

In a society geared towards the sciences, she chose to step into the world of fashion, bulldozing through obstacles to keep her dream alive. Getting married at a young age wasn’t easy and now with a plethora of responsibilities, she found herself hanging onto her aspirations with a newfound hope. After that, she relied on her strength, determination and the sheer belief that only those who dare to beat all odds to achieve their dreams come out victorious in the end. And there she stood in all her glory when, finally, she was awarded a gold medal for her Bachelors in Fashion.

Her education only paved the way for her ever-growing dreams. This is when SHENANNZ was born; an international luxury clothing brand, established in partnership with her sister. From its conception, SHENANNZ was meant to leave a mark on the fashion industry locally and internationally.

The designer with a purpose

Shenila’s reach did not stop there; her resolve to touch and inspire lives strengthened. Because when God gave, she had to give back to the society that had cherished her. She wanted to empower women just like her and give them the opportunity to thrive, something they would seldom come across. So Shenila ventured into the rural parts of Pakistan, working with women who hardly ever had the opportunity to give their designs a voice. She wanted to help them become entrepreneurs in order to be able to help themselves and improve their living condition. And by incorporating their hand work in her design development, Shenila not only brought authenticity to her collection but gave these women the confidence and an outlet to showcase their talents and make it their strength.

Working with interns and students was another way of empowering young girls and fashion enthusiasts, so she started teaching fashion subjects at different universities. Shenila was able to instill knowledge as well as a sense of confidence in her students that made them very well equipped as budding designers. Her experience in the industry only made her more suited as a mentor, as she was able to provide them with the connections and opportunities that otherwise would be impossible for them to explore in the currently saturated design industry.

Whoever took her classes had become a force to be reckoned with. Inspired by Shenila’s passion and techniques, her students were set out to conquer their dreams without a doubt about their ability to succeed. Shenila’s impact on people was something really worth seeing.

The Collaboration

With a new generation comes fresh talent. Fashion evolves and it is through young designers that we see this evolution. They tend to play with stereotypes and generic styles, only to present a remix laced with the abundance of their creativity while preserving its cultural roots. To observe the evolution through these budding fashionistas is really a feat in itself.

Shenila, being one of the few designers who recognize the importance of different perspectives, has handpicked one of her students, namely Sarah Faisal, to bring their ideas to the table for SHENANNZ’s Spring Collection 2021. The unique combination of two mindsets, one of an existing designer and the other of a passionate fashion student, is all set to make waves.

With her vast knowledge of fashion, Sara’s designs are trendy, timeless pieces.

The designs from this unique collaboration are expected to be the hallmark of our Spring Collection 2021 and it is anticipated to make a lasting impression.

The Budding Flower

Sara Faisal is an ambitious student, currently majoring in Fashion and Textile Designing at The Millennium Universal College. Her efforts evidently showcase her beliefs in developing and honing her skills and talents, as she vigorously studies the works of existing designers and is a keen admirer of William Morris’s design aesthetics. Incorporating their intricate techniques to make her own unique designs is an arduous task she excels at.

Sara also draws inspiration from her surroundings; by noticing the minute details in her environment she indulges in the beauty of simple things. It is her firm belief that art is everywhere – It is only a matter of perspective whether you can perceive it or not.

During COVID, quarantine gave her a chance to put her own surrounding under the lens and rediscover its beauty. It is then that she came across insects, especially butterflies and the detailed art nouveau kind of textures that their wings resembled.

She drew pattern and color inspiration from the art nouveau era and designed a unique print collection. The motives were designed based on the inspiration, which were later incorporated into multiple repeat options.

These ravishing prints were then transformed into unique and chic silhouettes by SHENANNZ.

This collection is not only the product of perseverance during troubling times but also represents inspiration from the most unexpected of places, as well as a blend of talent and collaborative effort between diverse mindsets. We hope this collection leaves a lasting impression on our consumers because it is really one for the books.

“Who Made My Clothes?”: Fashion Revolution Calls for Transparent Fashion

Rewind to April 24, 2013. The Rana Plaza building, which housed five garment factories, collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 1134 workers were killed, and another 2515 were injured.

But this fateful incident did not only have fate to hold responsible for. There was a man-made cause for the disaster: the upper four flours of that eight-storey building had been built without a proper license – illegally. Those workers should not have been risking their lives working in a factory where safety standards were nonexistent.

This incident shocked the community into realizing that the problem wasn’t just with that one building; it reflected the systematic, well-ingrained exploitation and unfair work practices that prevailed in the garment industry at large – globally.

This was the worst ever disaster to hit the garment industry, and it was at this point in time that the Fashion Revolution movement was born. This movement was the brainchild of two women, Orsola de Castro and Carry Somers, both of whom already had loyal associations with small-scale sustainable fashion and transparent fashion campaigns. In 2013, however, the Rana Plaza incident officially triggered not only the birth of an organization, but also a global revolution – what came to be called FASHION REVOLUTION.

What the Fashion Revolution stands for

As soon as it was formed, the Fashion Revolution organization vigorously began to advocate a global appeal, encouraging people everywhere to push for a systemic change in the fashion industry. They called on all fashion brands to ensure transparency in their operations from field to fabric and from seed to waste. This meant open-sourcing site information of each and every field and factory which was part of their supply chain, and releasing a complete, uncensored report analyzing the extent to which sustainable and fair practices were being followed throughout their supply chain.

Once the whole industry felt the increasing pressure and started being called out by their consumers and other humanitarian and environmentalist forces, they would have no choice but to make their sourcing and production locations public knowledge. And in doing so, they would have to remedy any wrong environmental and labor practices lest they be held accountable by the masses, or even by the law.

On their official website, Fashion Revolution says:
“We campaign for a clean, safe, fair, transparent and accountable fashion industry. We do this through research, education, collaboration, mobilization and advocacy… We believe in a global fashion industry that conserves and restores the environment and values people over growth and profit.”

Carry Somers, the co-founder of Fashion Revolution, adds:
“Most of the public is still not aware that human and environmental abuses are endemic across the fashion and textiles industry and that what they’re wearing could have been made in an exploitative way. We don’t want to wear that story anymore. We want to see fashion become a force for good.”

Now, the end-users or wearers of the fashion industry are changing from passive consumers to conscious consumers, who are concerned about not just what they wear, but its social and environmental footprint too.

They are now concerned about the people making these clothes.

They are unabashedly calling out their favorite brands and asking them: “Who made my clothes?”

Who made my clothes?

There is a lot being asked in that simple-looking question. No one should suffer for the clothing we wear, and so, in asking Who made my clothes, the aim is to hold garment companies accountable regarding who makes the clothes they sell, and if those people are seen, heard and paid properly for their services. It is also crucial to know what kind of working conditions these laborers are made to work in.

Fashion revolution wants the real hands behind our clothes, the workers, to become visible and for their stories to be heard. It is now demanded of brands and retailers to give answers to #WhoMadeMyClothes requests on social media and make their operations transparent to the public.

This question has already contributed more to the impact of the Fashion Revolution than anything else. Simply by encouraging millions of people worldwide to contact fashion brands and ask them #WhoMadeMyClothes, so many brands have been pushed to make information about their supply chain transparent.

Fashion revolution has even made a poster template bearing the question “Who made my clothes?” available on their website for people to download and use with their selfies when they tag brands and retailers on social media, using the hashtag #WhoMadeMyClothes.

People are urged to do this via multiple platforms including email, Instagram, and Twitter. The fashion revolution website even has a customizable tweet that citizens can post on Twitter. It goes:
“I’m name and I want to thank the people who made my clothes. Hi @brand, #whomademyclothes? Signed, email, country.”

Fashion Revolution Week

Every year, to commemorate the Rana Plaza tragedy, the Fashion Revolution Week is held in the week of April 24. The week features a galore of events and awareness campaigns – the fierce circulation of the #WhoMadeMyClothes hashtag on social media being one of them.

During this week, Fashion Revolution also publishes its annual Fashion Transparency Index which reviews the top 250 fashion brands in the world and scores them with regards to how transparent they are about their social and environmental practices, impact, and supply chain.

Unfortunately, only five brands scored above 60% on the transparency index up till 2019, including Adidas and H&M. No brand scores anything near 100% yet; in fact, they don’t even score past 70%!
This report is a great way to encourage brands to feel accountable. As a positive outcome of this movement, many leading brands such as Marks & Spencer, H&M, Asos, Primark, and Levi’s now publish a list of their suppliers and manufacturers, while more and more socially conscious brands are following suit.

SHENANNZ for Fashion Revolution

At SHENANNZ, we take pride in our highly sustainable and fair brand footprint. We, as producers, are working to promote ethical fashion practices and staunchly believe that no one, from producer to consumer, can be exploited at any cost. We value and empower every human being in the garment supply chain, from field to fabric.

SHENANNZ is not only leading by example with its own brand practices, but also wishes to be the face of the fashion revolution for consumers and other brands, in order to inspire deep-rooted and long-lasting change that will pave the way for a beautiful future for our planet.
Here’s to making fashion fair, transparent, and sustainable!

From 2020 to 2021: Keeping Hope Alive Amidst a Global Pandemic

We doubt we will hear the resigned “another year just come and gone” as 2020 bids farewell. 2020 was not just “another year” after all, was it? As the world faced a historic pandemic that it was only mildly ever prepared for, it is still a marvel how we have salvaged hope, and held onto it dearly.

Industries, globally, were forced to physically constrain operations in the critical need for social distancing, and the fashion industry was no exception. And with everyone being forced to stay indoors for a change, many other things changed, including our fashion decisions.

Who would buy clothes to just be quarantined at home in?

With added financial stress and the focus shifting starkly to purchasing only living essentials to survive the lockdown, did our fashion needs take a backseat?

Did the negativity and stress take tolls on our efforts to look our best?

The answer to all that is in what we, at Shenannz, take “fashion” to mean at heart.

Fashion is how you express – how you empower yourself to feel radiant and confident! At Shenannz, our core purpose and ethos is not material – it is very deeply rooted in the determination to honor women around the world and empower them. Our brand is built on faith and hope themselves – two unshakeable foundations, come what may.

And therefore, in the wake of COVID’19, woke fashion brands like Shenannz embraced the struggle and adapted their movements to continue empowering women across the world. Just like our resolves and ever-lit spark of hope, our movements never died down. We sought out the good, and spun it into positive efforts. We gave way to hopeful fashion incentives like “sustainable fashion”, “slow fashion” and “ethical fashion”.

Now that we are standing at the hem of a new year and looking at 2020 in retrospect, we can’t but be proud at how much Shenannz and its community around the world were able to achieve, regardless of the crisis we were faced with.

Let’s talk more about how fashion put its best foot forward.

The COVID’19 fashion revolution: How to stay stylish amidst a pandemic

As economies struggle during the COVID outbreak, and financial burdens on the average human increase, buying new clothing has become an after-thought in some people’s minds. Our priorities have shifted to bare minimum essentials, to home care, child care, and for some people, simply to make ends meet.

Splurging on fashion items seems a little distant for now, but there’s an upside to this. This pandemic has taught us to count our blessings and appreciate the good in little things – to make the most of what we have. The same is true for clothes. Our isolation days have helped us embrace the #LovedClothesLast mindset. There is a lot we can do with our wardrobes as they are, by caring for the clothes we have, recycling little used items, patching what is old (but still gold), and being creative with what we have to make it last longer.

Even with old clothes, creativity is often all it takes to transform something mundane into a statement fashion piece. Indebted to growing online fashion communities, we are surrounded by incredibly artistic styling ideas, How-To fashion guides, and DIY hacks that we can work with.

Sustainability is an attitude, and it extends to what we wear. As conscious consumers, this year we learnt more than ever to care about our environment when it comes to fashion, by cutting down on our fashion waste. Movements like the #WearMe30Times campaign, started a “slow fashion” revolution which encourages fashion lovers to think of their clothes as an “investment”, and to value them longer.

A lot of stunning pieces in our closets are barely worn. Wear those again. If you looked beautiful in them once, you’ll look beautiful in them still.

Not only is the sustainable #30Wears campaign helping us save money during these financially constraining times, it in instilling something much more long-lasting and essential: a conscious, sustainable mindset!

Safety with elegance

Shenannz took the lead in rekindling hope and happiness during the pandemic by fusing fashion and social responsibility (and this was nothing shocking from a brand which, since its inception, has grounded all its efforts in the deeper social impact it wants to make).

Safety with elegance.

You will see this line emblazoned on Shenannz’s latest collection campaign. The story of two women entrepreneurs, Shenila and Anila, the names behind SHENANNZ, continued as they passionately strove to keep doing what they set out for.

In a blend of fashion with social mindfulness, Shenannz came out with Espoir – the Royal Collection – an exquisite collection that features masks and wraps. With these exclusive designs, you can now feel safe while looking elegant and expressly royal, no less.

These “Hope Masks” as they are empathetically called, not only provide full coverage and protection, but are made with plush original velvet, which is soft and comfortable to wear for as long as you need. The embroidered designs are timeless, and have a universal aesthetic that transcends cultural borders between East and West.

Looking stylish during a pandemic couldn’t be simpler with Espoir, in a wide array of colors that is sure to match any outfit!

A New Year Resolution

At Shenannz, fashion means empowerment. And 2020 was a year that necessitated this cause even more.

We have established that fashion is timeless – it is not going anywhere. Even with physical movement restricted, we are working online and shipping as far as circumstances allow us. As we keep learning, we will find even better ways to surmount all the challenges that come our way.

The takeaway from all this, is that no matter what difficulties 2020 brought, with kindness, hope, and faith, we conquered them.

And with the same spirit, we welcome the new year. We welcome it with love, and hope. We resolve to stay strong, and kind, and to uplift each other through whatever challenges life may bring.

Hope is the latest fashion – and we promise to adorn this year with it too!



Espoir  – The Royal Collection
women’s couture for fashionistas around the globe.


As the world continues to suffer from the pandemic, everyone is clinging on to only one thing – hope.
Men, women, children, the elderly, everyone is clutching desperately at the possibility of a turnaround, a revival of fortunes. And yet, many businesses and industries, from small shops to large enterprises, don’t know where to begin.

Well, here’s what two sisters who had started SHENANNZ – a contemporary women’s fashion brand – are doing. With the changing of the season, we too have shed any reservation we may have had and are doing what we do best – use this time to create a new Fall/Winter line and get down to putting it out there for women fashionistas. After all, what is hope but a resolve to do the best you can in an adverse situation? So while millions of women continue stepping out everyday to work or are taking care of their loved ones I these challenging times, we at SHENNANZ would like to show our solidarity by taking our latest line of women’s couture to the world. Something we’ve worked very hard for along with our work force and associates, many of who are women.

Hope is the most beautiful thing in life.
It keeps you going in the darkest times. It keeps you alive. As long as you have hope, you will survive to live another day and no day will ever be as bad as long as you allow hope to support you.

Hope is in our DNA. As sisters and co-promoters at SHENANNZ, this isn’t the first time that Anila and Shenila have faced challenging times. Right from the resistance to gaining education, qualification and starting their enterprise. Since then, we’ve come a long way. So we know that we all go through hard times and when it’s difficult, we may go to pray, call up our closest friend, parents or mentor to seek their guidance. Sometimes we may spend our time alone, contemplating on how we are going to make it through.

Every single option we go to and seek is one that would fill us with hope. It’s because hope is the light that we want to see at the end of the tunnel. So we picked ourselves up, reconnecting with life around us – people on the go, rushing, striving, surviving – letting that positive energy transform itself into hope.

It is simply a change of perspective, from looking at the current problem to imagining a better future.
For us, crafting a new collection is what rekindles hope and brings that positivity to our lives. It also brings hard work our way. But as we fire our ideas with creativity and exploration of new themes, the challenge becomes its own reward.  You will witness flair and verve like never before, in the new collection of SHENNANZ. The theme is inspired from a feeling of openness and acceptance of our design to be in harmony with the body, to make it feel comfortable, to flatter the body’s natural shape.

The idea is to bring about a feeling of accepting yourself as you are. To make you feel confident and empowered as a woman and as an individual, to step forward and press the reset button in this crucial phase of life.

We still can’t say when things will start to get better. But we’ve made a start.
As Christmas Eve comes round the corner, we encourage you to make your new start as too. Dressed well, feeling good about yourself and ready to put your best foot forward.

Our season’s greetings come to you with our special collection Espoir – the Royal Collection. Bring the glamour and joy back to the life.

So, what is this new hope, which will allow them to remain to save while celebrating?

Espoir – the Royal Collection is an exclusive collection of masks and wraps specially designed for fashion-conscious women, to be launched on
1st December 2020.

Brought to you by two forward-looking sisters Shenila and Anila.
These masks are designed in such a way that they protect women from being exposed and make them stand apart from the usual masks ordinarily available. This, without compromising on safety standards.

The variety in our new masks collection is such that it will complement any outfit.

Committed to their passions for designing couture, SHENNANZ’s uniquely designed Hope Masks, which will look great when worn by any woman. These are truly world–designs that are not specific to any one community of women. The brand takes special care to ensure that their designs appeal to every woman, regardless of their religion or race.

The unique embroidery work on masks brings the feel of eastern culture. However, the color patterns and design of the mask will give you the ambiance of western styling.

What else makes SHENNANZ Hope Masks
perfect for any woman?

As a design brand, SHENNANZ understands that the mask’s fabric needs to be comfortable and soft enough so that women can wear them for a long period.

SHENNANZ Hope Masks are made from 100% fine velvet.
Velvet fabric is soothing and comfortable when worn in winter.

They are available in a variety of colors, each color beautifully used on the masks, balanced so that it looks elegant on the face. The color patterns are delightful and eye-catching.

Hope is always there for those who are looking for it. You can make things up in your mind, and hope is the easiest to make up. Our new collection is an ode to the women of the world. For we know that behind the mask of beauty and grace lies innate strength and firm resolve to rise, step up and make their own destiny.


An equal world is an enabled world. How will you help forge a gender equal world?
Celebrate women’s achievement. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality.

International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women – while also marking a call to action for accelerating gender equality.

The first International Women’s Day occurred in 1911, supported by over one million people. Today, IWD belongs to all groups collectively everywhere. IWD is not country, group or organization specific.

Gloria Steinem, world-renowned feminist, journalist and activist once explained “The story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights.”

Individually, we’re all responsible for our own thoughts and actions – all day, every day.We can actively choose to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions, improve situations and celebrate women’s achievements. Collectively, each one of us can help create a gender equal world.

Let’s all be #EachforEqual.

Equality is not a women’s issue, it’s a business issue. Gender equality is essential for economies and communities to thrive.

A gender equal world can be healthier, wealthier and more harmonious – so what’s not great about that?

The race is on for the gender equal boardroom, a gender equal government, gender equal media coverage, gender equal workplaces, gender equal sports coverage, more gender equality in health and wealth … so let’s make it happen. Let’s be #EachforEqual.

Take action

Women’s equality can’t wait. It’s going to take everyone to think and be inclusive – all the time, everywhere.

For International Women’s Day 2020 and beyond, how will you support #EachforEqual?

We are all parts of a whole. Our individual actions, conversations, behaviors and mindsets can have an impact on our larger society. Collectively, we can make change happen. Collectively, we can each help to create a gender equal world.

We can all choose to be #EachforEqual.

Beautiful and Modest, SHENANNZ Brand Proves Fashion is For Everyone

Modest fashion strutted its stuff during London Fashion Week at House of iKons, The Grandeur of Sophia – a show inspired by the art within Turkey’s great cultural context. At the core of The Grandeur of Sophia is a call and an expectation for women’s rights and the promotion of gender equality at work and within the workplace all across the globe.

At the heart of the SHENANNZ brand is a commitment to women’s emancipation and female empowerment. SHENANNZ is a sustainable Pakistan, Swiss and UK based fashion design house. It is driven by the creativity of talented and empowered sisters Shenila Ali, a fashion designer based in Pakistan, and Anila Hussain, a Montessori teacher and Creative stylist based in Switzerland, who have come a long way from where they started.

As sisters, the bond these two women share continues to grow deeper and expand ever further. Their sisterhood is now rooted in changing the context around the world and fighting towards a future through fashion where women’s voices will be heard and women’s rights will be respected. As the creative director, Shenila uses her gift as an artist to bring the intricate patterns and designs of her Eastern heritage into an eclectic fusion couture style of clothing. Anila uses her business background and success as a Montessori international educator to promote the SHENANNZ brand across Europe. The women also have different personal styles, Shenila wearing hijab and whereas Anila does not, to demonstrate how the SHENANNZ brand brings style and fusion to women of many cultural, style, and religious preferences.

The brand SHENNANZ combines their exotic Eastern roots with sharply-tailored and every-day wearable Western clothing. However, this brand isn’t just for Muslim women. It is keeping in mind women of all cultures. It has been said that when fashion embraces diversity the world notices. These clothes appeal to those women looking for unique and exclusive style while remaining covered. The modest styles use luxurious silk from Italy, Turkey, and France and cotton from their homeland Pakistan.

The latest collection features black and white pieces ranging from simple color blocks to intricate and gorgeous embroidery and piping. If you are looking for simple, full coverage clothing or dazzling, trendy and detailed, everyone can find something to suit their individual style. Women of all sizes and colors should feel confident in their clothing and be able to carry themselves elegantly. SHENANNZ models represented ten different nationalities in their latest show, including African, Moldovan, Chinese, Asian, American and Arab in order to highlight how beautiful and graceful the clothing can be on everyone.

No one should be left out of fashion based on size, nationality or religious affiliation. Given the opportunity from House of iKons to showcase this graceful collection, more woman worldwide will be able to connect with SHENANNZ and have access to pieces and clothing that is highly fashionable and modest, a rare combination. They will also be supporting the further empowerment of other women, a cause dear to the sisters of SHENANNZ. Women representing and supporting each other through fashion and clothing is a stepping stone in intersectionality that can be embraced and continued across the globe.

The Year in Review: SHENANNZ at London Fashion Week 2017

A dream that launched itself into reality back in 2014, SHENANNZ has taken the fashion world by storm, infusing sharply-tailored and incredibly wearable Western attire for women with an exotic taste of Eastern designs and intricate patterns. Created by the fashion designer Shenila Ali and creative consultant and Co Founder Anila Hussain, 2017 was an incredible year for the up and coming label.

What started as a small brand in an even smaller workshop with pieces created by just a few people, SHENANNZ has now grown to a respected fashion line, backed by a hardworking team of embroiderers, tailors, pattern cutters, craftsmen, graphic designers, and interns.

One of the biggest accolades to date, SHENANNZ was honored this year in September to be the grand show openers during the London Fashion Week for the House of Ikons. The show, which honored and celebrated women who are sharing their light with the world, was infused with SHENANNZ’s choice of orange and black colors, representing the energetic flame that fuels women around the globe as she reaches and achieves her goals.

A hit with the international crowd who attended, SHENANNZ’s London Fashion Week premiere was a giant success, its concept and story of the strong feminine resonating with men and women from all cultures.

This praise and acceptance has encouraged SHENANNZ to stretch itself even further, setting new goals and pushing its boundaries so that it can achieve its true potential.

And while the road to success always seems easy once you’ve achieved your goals, the truth is that no path is golden nor easy to navigate. For both Shenila and Anila, the amount of hard work that was put into their brand as it grew from a small label to an internationally acclaimed icon was paramount to their success. This hard work ethic has, of course, not been lost since the London Fashion Week premiere, the two working even harder now than ever before to continue creating brilliant, globally inspired pieces that resonate that fire that resides within women everywhere.

As such, 2018 is promising to be an even bigger year for SHENANNZ as it plants to launch a new theme for its latest collection that will be debuted once again at the House of Ikons during February’s London Fashion Week. The premise of the new inspiration is to create an aura of elegance, labeling its signature black and white line the “Stylish Modest Collection.”

From our family at SHENANNZ to yours, Merry Christmas and a Happy (and Prosperous) New Year!

Never Underestimate the Power of Women: A Fashion Brand’s Unlikely Journey to London Fashion Week

On September 16, 2017, SHENANNZ, an international women’s fashion line will make its appearance on the grand stage of London’s Fashion Week. And while they will be joined by hundreds of other globally-acclaimed brands, there are few that will have such an incredible story as that of the women behind SHENANNZ.

The eponymous fashion line was created by two female designers, Anila and Shenila. Women in general have long had an uphill battle in the male-dominated fashion industry, being told what to wear rather than designing what they really want. Anila and Shenila from the beginning set out to make waves, telling a different story with their clothes, one that crossed cultures and that was entirely feminine by design.

Anila and Shenila dreamt big and worked hard to create a line that they knew women around the world will be drawn to, but it wasn’t until an appearance at Amsterdam’s Women’s Economic Forum (WEF) in February 2017 that a chance encounter would put their line in the spotlight of London’s internationally recognized and much anticipated Fashion Week.

At the WEF, Savita Kaye, the founder of House of Ikons, made a presentation, boldly sharing an inspirational personal story with the women in the room. Among those women was Anila. Fate had a hand in creating the audience for this room, because it just so happened that Kaye had been following Anila and SHENANNZ on Instagram. Taken by the line’s female empowerment mission, Kaye invited Anila and Shenila to showcase their work on the fashion ramp with eighteen other designers, grand show openers for a theme based wholly on female empowerment.

Kaye’s company, House of Ikons, is composed of an incredible team that works tirelessly to fight to bring international designers to fashion’s forefront. Through their work they give a platform and a voice for talented designers, like Anila and Shenila, who might never be heard otherwise. Through media, press, buyers and high-profile clients, House of Ikons leverages their influence in the industry in a way that is both meaningful and inspirational.

SHENANNZ and the two talented women behind it are proof that with a lot of dreaming and even more work you can achieve what you set out for.

The story that has put SHENANNZ in the London Fashion Week lineup is an unlikely one. And one that would have been impossible even just a decade ago. But thanks to social media and a conference designed to unite powerful, talented women, it’s happening.

Representing a feminine fusion of East and West, SHENANNZ is primed for international success, sure to be the next big thing in the eye of fashion’s most sought after opinions.

London Fashion Week, make way for SHENANNZ.