It is when the soul and canvas become one, and when the art becomes an extension of the self, that something incredible is born. Such a piece of art speaks into the soul of whoever sees it, touches it, wears it. It is not just an object. It comes alive and radiates the soul and purpose that was used to create it, to others.

Introducing The Art of Meraki, our latest spring collection.

The name

What is “Meraki”? It’s a modern Greek word. It means “to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put ‘something of yourself’ into what you’re doing”. It’s extraordinary what this one word describes – such a profound concept. Not surprisingly, there aren’t any words in other languages that could be a translation of this word, or a substitute for it.
It embodies the art we have created through this collection perfectly. You cannot look at these designs and not instantly and instinctively feel that they are living. They have the spirit of something alive, a soul, and a being, poured into them by women who embody that spirit.


The soul

These designs were inspired by the animal kingdom. The animal inspiration has been made completely evident with everything – the colors, the patterns and the cuts. You look at the striped, dappled, and leopard prints and are hit by that feel of freedom, wilderness, and untamed strength that we associate with the creatures in the wild.
The colors are vibrant and audacious. You don’t see any neutral, subdued tones, but rather the full, brightly colored fury of nature.
And that is the soul of this collection: nature’s fine, fierce beasts.


The symbolism

“A strong-minded woman is a different animal.” ~Meryl Streep

We chose the animal kingdom as a symbol of womanhood. A woman is a strong being, more than she is given credit for. She is an independent being, with the will to decide and achieve, much more than she is given the freedom for. She deserves to unleash her strength, mind, and prowess without limits. She deserves to walk freely and fiercely on the path she chooses and to chase her dreams.

And so this collection is for strong, authentic women who want to wear their wild and free hearts on their bodies, for ones who want to express their strength and not cage it.

There is pure life concentrated into these colors and designs. You look at her and can’t help but think she looks beautiful, elegant, and confident, like a lioness in the wild – in her kingdom.

As we welcome spring with this spring collection, let’s welcome all that it stands for too – womanhood.

And let’s not be afraid to put our soul out onto what we wear and, by extension, whatever we do – Meraki!

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