How to Tie A Cashmere Scarf

How to Tie A Cashmere Scarf

With so many ways in which you can wear it, isn’t a cashmere scarf just about the most versatile piece of clothing in your closet? Whether a formal affair or a casual one, this accessory can reinvent any look, simply by changing the way you style it.
If you aren’t very comfortable with low cut, off shoulder, and bare back dresses – the kind that are too revealing for you – doesn’t mean you should wistfully glance off those pieces in your closet or while shopping for new clothes. Instead, throw a cashmere scarf over it – to add modesty, but not to detract from the glamour in the least. A cashmere scarf bestows any look a grace and maturity that wasn’t there before!
So, whether it’s the need for some extra cover on a chilly day, your desire to look more modest, or simply a brilliant fashionable stroke – a cashmere scarf can execute it.

Ways to Tie a Cashmere Scarf

With so many ways you can tie a cashmere scarf, they can seem daunting to learn. Usually, the ones with knots can appear more complicated. And, of course, not every style can go with every look.
For the right inspiration, and also the right technique to follow it, just read on! Here you will learn 12 different ways to tie your cashmere scarf, and the type of ensemble each will go with.

The Shawl
It doesn’t get simpler than this. Drape the scarf over your back and shoulders like a shawl, with its loose ends hanging down the front and going inwards through the creek of your elbows. You can adjust coverage to what you like, by either spreading it out more over your arms or bunching the fabric together.
Shoulder coverage can be adjusted by spreading the fabric inwards towards your neck, or making it recede further down your shoulder line till it’s a near-off shoulder look.
You can also decide to throw it back, completely off your shoulder and right down to your waist, where it only delicately hangs in your arms.
The shawl style, with its many tweaks, is a go-to look for formal occasions. It provides back coverage for those floor-sweeping gowns and opulent necklines that you wouldn’t want to cover from the front.

The Choker
Another preferred look for those dazzling formal dresses that you don’t want to hide. Collect the fabric of the scarf together and wear it around the front of your neck like a choker so that the loose ends hang down your back.
Wearing your cashmere scarf like a choker lets you flaunt every detail of your dress while still letting you look modest.

The Bolero
This one is similar to the shawl style in how you drape it, the only difference being that it involves tying a knot to secure it. The result: a completely different look!
Drape the scarf wide over the shoulders like a shawl so that the ends fall at the front, through the gap between your arms and body. Then take the ends of the scarf round the back of your body and secure them in a knot. Now pull the draping fabric at the back down low to cover the knot.
You have yourself a bolero shrug, perfect for every formal occasion.

The One-Shoulder
Drape the scarf wide over the left shoulder and arm. Bring the other end back around your neck, across the front, and then tuck it in under the fabric on the left shoulder. This style gives an elegant, side-swept cover for one-shoulder dresses which are too revealing for your taste.
Depending on which shoulder is bare, you can mirror the look to drape the scarf on that side.

Moving on to looks for casual wear. These can spice up any day-to-day informal outfits and they look especially fabulous paired with winter coats.

The Classic Loop
Put the scarf around your neck so that both ends fall over your body at the front. Adjust its position so that one end is twice as long as the other.
Pick the long end and loop it once around your neck. Tweak it a little till both ends are equally long underneath the loop. You can also tighten or loosen the loop around your neck to whatever degree feels comfortable.

The Parisian or European Knot
Another popular knot that looks so chic and simply elite!
To achieve this knot, double your cashmere scarf so that you are holding the loop in one hand and both loose ends in the other. Now put the doubled-up scarf around your neck, with the loop just a little below your collarbone. Take both the loose ends and pull them through the loop.
Adjust the loop a bit for maximum comfort and leave the loose ends hanging together neatly along the middle of your torso.

The Twist
A little variation of the Parisian/French knot that looks more complicated. Double the scarf and hang it around your neck just like you would for a French knot. This time, only take one tail-end through the loop, twist the loop, and then take the other end through the loop too.
A Parisian knot with more twist!

The Pretzel
This one looks like an intricate, crisscross knot that provides more coverage than a simple knot. Start with the French knot position again by doubling the scarf and bringing it around your neck. Take one loose end through the loop so that it comes out at the front. For the other end, take it over the loop and through it so that it comes out at the opposite (back) side. Adjust and flatten to make the pattern look neat.

The Double Loop
Hang the scarf over your neck so that one end is very short compared to the other. Loop the long end twice around your neck so that only a tiny length is left hanging on the other side too. Now tuck the little ends into the scarf so that nothing is left hanging out and the scarf looks like a snood.
For a slightly different look: instead of tucking the complete ends in, take the longer-edged corners and tuck each in on the opposite side. This makes a little neckerchief triangle at the front which adds more flair.

The Infinity Loop
Tie two loose corners (along the same edge) of the scarf together so that the scarf becomes a complete loop. Hang it around your neck like a necklace. Now twist the scarf at the front middle so that it looks like an infinity sign. Take the other end of the infinity sign and loop it over your neck. Adjust it to your liking.

The Cape
Drape one side of the cashmere scarf over your left shoulder. Bring the other loose end back and around, twist it twice a little below your right shoulder, and fling the remaining fabric over your left shoulder so that it looks kind of like a cape!

The Celebrity Knot
Put the scarf around your neck, drape one loose end around your neck and back, and tie that end with one corner of the other hanging end into a loose half knot. Look effortlessly glamorous while staying casual!

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