The Year in Review: SHENANNZ at London Fashion Week 2017

A dream that launched itself into reality back in 2014, SHENANNZ has taken the fashion world by storm, infusing sharply-tailored and incredibly wearable Western attire for women with an exotic taste of Eastern designs and intricate patterns. Created by the fashion designer Shenila Ali and creative consultant and Co Founder Anila Hussain, 2017 was an incredible year for the up and coming label.

What started as a small brand in an even smaller workshop with pieces created by just a few people, SHENANNZ has now grown to a respected fashion line, backed by a hardworking team of embroiderers, tailors, pattern cutters, craftsmen, graphic designers, and interns.

One of the biggest accolades to date, SHENANNZ was honored this year in September to be the grand show openers during the London Fashion Week for the House of Ikons. The show, which honored and celebrated women who are sharing their light with the world, was infused with SHENANNZ’s choice of orange and black colors, representing the energetic flame that fuels women around the globe as she reaches and achieves her goals.

A hit with the international crowd who attended, SHENANNZ’s London Fashion Week premiere was a giant success, its concept and story of the strong feminine resonating with men and women from all cultures.

This praise and acceptance has encouraged SHENANNZ to stretch itself even further, setting new goals and pushing its boundaries so that it can achieve its true potential.

And while the road to success always seems easy once you’ve achieved your goals, the truth is that no path is golden nor easy to navigate. For both Shenila and Anila, the amount of hard work that was put into their brand as it grew from a small label to an internationally acclaimed icon was paramount to their success. This hard work ethic has, of course, not been lost since the London Fashion Week premiere, the two working even harder now than ever before to continue creating brilliant, globally inspired pieces that resonate that fire that resides within women everywhere.

As such, 2018 is promising to be an even bigger year for SHENANNZ as it plants to launch a new theme for its latest collection that will be debuted once again at the House of Ikons during February’s London Fashion Week. The premise of the new inspiration is to create an aura of elegance, labeling its signature black and white line the “Stylish Modest Collection.”

From our family at SHENANNZ to yours, Merry Christmas and a Happy (and Prosperous) New Year!

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