Espoir  – The Royal Collection
women’s couture for fashionistas around the globe.


As the world continues to suffer from the pandemic, everyone is clinging on to only one thing – hope.
Men, women, children, the elderly, everyone is clutching desperately at the possibility of a turnaround, a revival of fortunes. And yet, many businesses and industries, from small shops to large enterprises, don’t know where to begin.

Well, here’s what two sisters who had started SHENANNZ – a contemporary women’s fashion brand – are doing. With the changing of the season, we too have shed any reservation we may have had and are doing what we do best – use this time to create a new Fall/Winter line and get down to putting it out there for women fashionistas. After all, what is hope but a resolve to do the best you can in an adverse situation? So while millions of women continue stepping out everyday to work or are taking care of their loved ones I these challenging times, we at SHENNANZ would like to show our solidarity by taking our latest line of women’s couture to the world. Something we’ve worked very hard for along with our work force and associates, many of who are women.

Hope is the most beautiful thing in life.
It keeps you going in the darkest times. It keeps you alive. As long as you have hope, you will survive to live another day and no day will ever be as bad as long as you allow hope to support you.

Hope is in our DNA. As sisters and co-promoters at SHENANNZ, this isn’t the first time that Anila and Shenila have faced challenging times. Right from the resistance to gaining education, qualification and starting their enterprise. Since then, we’ve come a long way. So we know that we all go through hard times and when it’s difficult, we may go to pray, call up our closest friend, parents or mentor to seek their guidance. Sometimes we may spend our time alone, contemplating on how we are going to make it through.

Every single option we go to and seek is one that would fill us with hope. It’s because hope is the light that we want to see at the end of the tunnel. So we picked ourselves up, reconnecting with life around us – people on the go, rushing, striving, surviving – letting that positive energy transform itself into hope.

It is simply a change of perspective, from looking at the current problem to imagining a better future.
For us, crafting a new collection is what rekindles hope and brings that positivity to our lives. It also brings hard work our way. But as we fire our ideas with creativity and exploration of new themes, the challenge becomes its own reward.  You will witness flair and verve like never before, in the new collection of SHENNANZ. The theme is inspired from a feeling of openness and acceptance of our design to be in harmony with the body, to make it feel comfortable, to flatter the body’s natural shape.

The idea is to bring about a feeling of accepting yourself as you are. To make you feel confident and empowered as a woman and as an individual, to step forward and press the reset button in this crucial phase of life.

We still can’t say when things will start to get better. But we’ve made a start.
As Christmas Eve comes round the corner, we encourage you to make your new start as too. Dressed well, feeling good about yourself and ready to put your best foot forward.

Our season’s greetings come to you with our special collection Espoir – the Royal Collection. Bring the glamour and joy back to the life.

So, what is this new hope, which will allow them to remain to save while celebrating?

Espoir – the Royal Collection is an exclusive collection of masks and wraps specially designed for fashion-conscious women, to be launched on
1st December 2020.

Brought to you by two forward-looking sisters Shenila and Anila.
These masks are designed in such a way that they protect women from being exposed and make them stand apart from the usual masks ordinarily available. This, without compromising on safety standards.

The variety in our new masks collection is such that it will complement any outfit.

Committed to their passions for designing couture, SHENNANZ’s uniquely designed Hope Masks, which will look great when worn by any woman. These are truly world–designs that are not specific to any one community of women. The brand takes special care to ensure that their designs appeal to every woman, regardless of their religion or race.

The unique embroidery work on masks brings the feel of eastern culture. However, the color patterns and design of the mask will give you the ambiance of western styling.

What else makes SHENNANZ Hope Masks
perfect for any woman?

As a design brand, SHENNANZ understands that the mask’s fabric needs to be comfortable and soft enough so that women can wear them for a long period.

SHENNANZ Hope Masks are made from 100% fine velvet.
Velvet fabric is soothing and comfortable when worn in winter.

They are available in a variety of colors, each color beautifully used on the masks, balanced so that it looks elegant on the face. The color patterns are delightful and eye-catching.

Hope is always there for those who are looking for it. You can make things up in your mind, and hope is the easiest to make up. Our new collection is an ode to the women of the world. For we know that behind the mask of beauty and grace lies innate strength and firm resolve to rise, step up and make their own destiny.

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