From 2020 to 2021: Keeping Hope Alive Amidst a Global Pandemic

We doubt we will hear the resigned “another year just come and gone” as 2020 bids farewell. 2020 was not just “another year” after all, was it? As the world faced a historic pandemic that it was only mildly ever prepared for, it is still a marvel how we have salvaged hope, and held onto it dearly.

Industries, globally, were forced to physically constrain operations in the critical need for social distancing, and the fashion industry was no exception. And with everyone being forced to stay indoors for a change, many other things changed, including our fashion decisions.

Who would buy clothes to just be quarantined at home in?

With added financial stress and the focus shifting starkly to purchasing only living essentials to survive the lockdown, did our fashion needs take a backseat?

Did the negativity and stress take tolls on our efforts to look our best?

The answer to all that is in what we, at Shenannz, take “fashion” to mean at heart.

Fashion is how you express – how you empower yourself to feel radiant and confident! At Shenannz, our core purpose and ethos is not material – it is very deeply rooted in the determination to honor women around the world and empower them. Our brand is built on faith and hope themselves – two unshakeable foundations, come what may.

And therefore, in the wake of COVID’19, woke fashion brands like Shenannz embraced the struggle and adapted their movements to continue empowering women across the world. Just like our resolves and ever-lit spark of hope, our movements never died down. We sought out the good, and spun it into positive efforts. We gave way to hopeful fashion incentives like “sustainable fashion”, “slow fashion” and “ethical fashion”.

Now that we are standing at the hem of a new year and looking at 2020 in retrospect, we can’t but be proud at how much Shenannz and its community around the world were able to achieve, regardless of the crisis we were faced with.

Let’s talk more about how fashion put its best foot forward.

The COVID’19 fashion revolution: How to stay stylish amidst a pandemic

As economies struggle during the COVID outbreak, and financial burdens on the average human increase, buying new clothing has become an after-thought in some people’s minds. Our priorities have shifted to bare minimum essentials, to home care, child care, and for some people, simply to make ends meet.

Splurging on fashion items seems a little distant for now, but there’s an upside to this. This pandemic has taught us to count our blessings and appreciate the good in little things – to make the most of what we have. The same is true for clothes. Our isolation days have helped us embrace the #LovedClothesLast mindset. There is a lot we can do with our wardrobes as they are, by caring for the clothes we have, recycling little used items, patching what is old (but still gold), and being creative with what we have to make it last longer.

Even with old clothes, creativity is often all it takes to transform something mundane into a statement fashion piece. Indebted to growing online fashion communities, we are surrounded by incredibly artistic styling ideas, How-To fashion guides, and DIY hacks that we can work with.

Sustainability is an attitude, and it extends to what we wear. As conscious consumers, this year we learnt more than ever to care about our environment when it comes to fashion, by cutting down on our fashion waste. Movements like the #WearMe30Times campaign, started a “slow fashion” revolution which encourages fashion lovers to think of their clothes as an “investment”, and to value them longer.

A lot of stunning pieces in our closets are barely worn. Wear those again. If you looked beautiful in them once, you’ll look beautiful in them still.

Not only is the sustainable #30Wears campaign helping us save money during these financially constraining times, it in instilling something much more long-lasting and essential: a conscious, sustainable mindset!

Safety with elegance

Shenannz took the lead in rekindling hope and happiness during the pandemic by fusing fashion and social responsibility (and this was nothing shocking from a brand which, since its inception, has grounded all its efforts in the deeper social impact it wants to make).

Safety with elegance.

You will see this line emblazoned on Shenannz’s latest collection campaign. The story of two women entrepreneurs, Shenila and Anila, the names behind SHENANNZ, continued as they passionately strove to keep doing what they set out for.

In a blend of fashion with social mindfulness, Shenannz came out with Espoir – the Royal Collection – an exquisite collection that features masks and wraps. With these exclusive designs, you can now feel safe while looking elegant and expressly royal, no less.

These “Hope Masks” as they are empathetically called, not only provide full coverage and protection, but are made with plush original velvet, which is soft and comfortable to wear for as long as you need. The embroidered designs are timeless, and have a universal aesthetic that transcends cultural borders between East and West.

Looking stylish during a pandemic couldn’t be simpler with Espoir, in a wide array of colors that is sure to match any outfit!

A New Year Resolution

At Shenannz, fashion means empowerment. And 2020 was a year that necessitated this cause even more.

We have established that fashion is timeless – it is not going anywhere. Even with physical movement restricted, we are working online and shipping as far as circumstances allow us. As we keep learning, we will find even better ways to surmount all the challenges that come our way.

The takeaway from all this, is that no matter what difficulties 2020 brought, with kindness, hope, and faith, we conquered them.

And with the same spirit, we welcome the new year. We welcome it with love, and hope. We resolve to stay strong, and kind, and to uplift each other through whatever challenges life may bring.

Hope is the latest fashion – and we promise to adorn this year with it too!

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