Never Underestimate the Power of Women: A Fashion Brand’s Unlikely Journey to London Fashion Week

On September 16, 2017, SHENANNZ, an international women’s fashion line will make its appearance on the grand stage of London’s Fashion Week. And while they will be joined by hundreds of other globally-acclaimed brands, there are few that will have such an incredible story as that of the women behind SHENANNZ.

The eponymous fashion line was created by two female designers, Anila and Shenila. Women in general have long had an uphill battle in the male-dominated fashion industry, being told what to wear rather than designing what they really want. Anila and Shenila from the beginning set out to make waves, telling a different story with their clothes, one that crossed cultures and that was entirely feminine by design.

Anila and Shenila dreamt big and worked hard to create a line that they knew women around the world will be drawn to, but it wasn’t until an appearance at Amsterdam’s Women’s Economic Forum (WEF) in February 2017 that a chance encounter would put their line in the spotlight of London’s internationally recognized and much anticipated Fashion Week.

At the WEF, Savita Kaye, the founder of House of Ikons, made a presentation, boldly sharing an inspirational personal story with the women in the room. Among those women was Anila. Fate had a hand in creating the audience for this room, because it just so happened that Kaye had been following Anila and SHENANNZ on Instagram. Taken by the line’s female empowerment mission, Kaye invited Anila and Shenila to showcase their work on the fashion ramp with eighteen other designers, grand show openers for a theme based wholly on female empowerment.

Kaye’s company, House of Ikons, is composed of an incredible team that works tirelessly to fight to bring international designers to fashion’s forefront. Through their work they give a platform and a voice for talented designers, like Anila and Shenila, who might never be heard otherwise. Through media, press, buyers and high-profile clients, House of Ikons leverages their influence in the industry in a way that is both meaningful and inspirational.

SHENANNZ and the two talented women behind it are proof that with a lot of dreaming and even more work you can achieve what you set out for.

The story that has put SHENANNZ in the London Fashion Week lineup is an unlikely one. And one that would have been impossible even just a decade ago. But thanks to social media and a conference designed to unite powerful, talented women, it’s happening.

Representing a feminine fusion of East and West, SHENANNZ is primed for international success, sure to be the next big thing in the eye of fashion’s most sought after opinions.

London Fashion Week, make way for SHENANNZ.

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