An equal world is an enabled world. How will you help forge a gender equal world?
Celebrate women’s achievement. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality.

International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women – while also marking a call to action for accelerating gender equality.

The first International Women’s Day occurred in 1911, supported by over one million people. Today, IWD belongs to all groups collectively everywhere. IWD is not country, group or organization specific.

Gloria Steinem, world-renowned feminist, journalist and activist once explained “The story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights.”

Individually, we’re all responsible for our own thoughts and actions – all day, every day.We can actively choose to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions, improve situations and celebrate women’s achievements. Collectively, each one of us can help create a gender equal world.

Let’s all be #EachforEqual.

Equality is not a women’s issue, it’s a business issue. Gender equality is essential for economies and communities to thrive.

A gender equal world can be healthier, wealthier and more harmonious – so what’s not great about that?

The race is on for the gender equal boardroom, a gender equal government, gender equal media coverage, gender equal workplaces, gender equal sports coverage, more gender equality in health and wealth … so let’s make it happen. Let’s be #EachforEqual.

Take action

Women’s equality can’t wait. It’s going to take everyone to think and be inclusive – all the time, everywhere.

For International Women’s Day 2020 and beyond, how will you support #EachforEqual?

We are all parts of a whole. Our individual actions, conversations, behaviors and mindsets can have an impact on our larger society. Collectively, we can make change happen. Collectively, we can each help to create a gender equal world.

We can all choose to be #EachforEqual.

Coronavirus Worldwide Pandemic

A worldwide pandemic has put a stop on our daily lives. Just like you, we at SHENANNZ are learning how to thrive every day.  According to WTO, world merchandise trade will plummet by 13-32% due to Co-Vid19.  While we all must prioritise our health, here’s how you can support our workers and the SHENANNZ Foundation.

  1. Buy from our summer collection: As of now, we can ship our ready-to-wear summer collection with beautiful tunics within Switzerland. Support local brands like us.
  2. Make a donation and help educate more children by making a donation on
  3. Opt for a complimentary handmade mask. Shalizeh who is 9 along with her cousin Shezeen 14 years a who lives in Pakistan, are making upcycled cotton scarves that are easy to wash and also eco-friendly.
  4. Give us a social media shoutout: If you’re a customer or you like our pieces, support local businesses like us with a social media testimonial by telling your friends and relatives about us.

House of iKons ~ February 2018 London Show

he Millennium Gloucester London Hotel once again opens its doors to the House of iKons for another fashion extravaganza.

Returning to London Fashion Week, the iKonic fashion event will take place on Saturday 17th February 2018.

Founded by Savita Kaye under Lady K Production, House of iKons is now in its fourth year, having successfully drawn in fantastic crowds since its launch in 2014.

Over the years, the iKon brand has developed and flourished with growing success around the world. But remarkably, Savita has remained true to her show’s original concept – to celebrate the new generation of global fashion talent. And 2018 will be no different.

Who to Expect on the iKon Runway

The House of iKons February 2018 London show will welcome amazing designers from around the world to exhibit their collections on the runway.

Designers include the likes of Mimi Parrel-Pimentel. Mimi is regarded one of the leading designers in the Philippines. She creates designs directly for The President of the Republic of the Philippines and the First Family.

Mimi will be exhibiting her collection in London for the first time in February, and audiences can expect royal fashion on the runway.

Also showcasing is Lavender Rose Designs. The stunning brand is founded by self-taught designer Sharlene, who creates outfits with her 8-year-old autistic daughter Tayla. Beautiful and creative, young Tayla loves to model and show off her unique designs on the catwalk.

The inspiring young designer has much involvement in creating new concepts with her mother, which includes using different colours and shapes.

Speaking about Tayla and Sharlene, Savita says:

“I am honoured and humbled to announce that Lavender Rose Designs by Tayla Mai our youngest designer will honour our catwalk February 2018 DURING #LFW.

“Taylor Mai at the age of 8 years of age has a gift; she sees beauty, creativity, designs and shapes in everything, something probably you and I may not see. Her condition does not hold her back, but has accelerated beyond words.”

Joining these talented individuals is another young brand designer, ‘Designed by Josh’. He will showcase a fantastic ‘Day to Night’ collection at House of iKons. Comprised primarily of women’s outfits that are perfect for both the office and a night out.

Josh hopes to re-introduce glamour back into the boardroom with his brilliant designs. Remarkably, the young designer is only 12 years old and ‘one to watch’ on the fashion scene.

Here is the full list of designers you can expect to see at House of iKons February 2018 London show:

Afternoon Show ~ 3.30pm

  • Grand Opening: Adam & Alice London
  • Camellia Couture – Children’s Designer
  • Che Arunjuez
  • Roseanne McNamee
  • Jennifer White
  • Mimi Parrel Pimental
  • Be Unique Be You – Children’s Designer
  • Grand Finale: Iris Rodriguez

Evening Show ~ 6.30pm

  • Grand Opening: HoneeMoon
  • Lavender Rose Designs – Children’s Designer
  • Bowen-Dryden
  • Shenannz
  • JAL Kids Fashion – Children’s Designer
  • Shahenda Hegazy
  • Designed by Josh
  • Jolie
  • Grand Finale: Aandrei David

House of iKons and The Sharan Project

Following an incredibly moving September 2017 perfomance, House of iKons will resume its close support of The Sharan Project.

The national registered charity supports women who have experienced domestic violence, forced marriage and honour abuse. It offers aid to both women and children and regularly works in partnership with numerous NGOs, police forces, and the Legal and Private Sector.

A cause which is close to Savita’s heart, the House of iKons CEO says: “Raising awareness that all forms of abuse against women and children must STOP not just here in the UK but globally.”

In addition to glamorous fashion, audiences can also expect non-stop entertainment. House of iKons welcomes celebrity singer-songwriter Doris Pearson who joins the creative team and will choreograph the entire show.

Sponsors of the February event include Club Organix, Bryanna Angel Media Makeup Artist, Ideal U, and Kids Acting Showreel.

House of iKons February 2018 promises to be another spectacular outing for Davita Kaye and her team. Alongside its regular London exhibits, House of iKons has travelled around the world with its shows, including Los Angeles, Bangkok Beijing, Dubai and Abu Dhabi and Budapest.

With the unique global platform that House of iKons provides, not just for emerging designers, but creatives and music artists, this is an unmissable event for your fashion calendar.

For more information about House of iKons or to book tickets for Saturday 17th February in London, please visit Eventbrite here.

Savita Kaye Fashion iKon

House of iKons was the vision of Savita Kaye aka Lady K. Created as an inspirational one-stop shop for emerging designers, this company has taken the fashion world by storm.  Having emerged from its original roots in London, it has become a tidal wave of force that has now circled the world and back again – iKons has become, in effect, an icon its own right.

house of iKons
House of iKons

Focusing her energy on providing a voice for new and emerging talent, Savita Kaye has created one of the single most successful fashion events in recent years. Celebrating diversity and talent, in a way that until now was a hugely expensive prospect. The company not only showcases a huge array of fashion talent but has expanded to be a proven platform for the very best of upcoming music. Not to mention the crew with makeup artists, stylists, and celebrities that are all queuing up to be a part of the show and to support Lady Kaye’s regular events.

Taking fashion, music and the creative aspects of the industry, she has become an avid supporter of a growing number of charities. Making Savita Kaye not only a leading fashion and music event organizer but, a hugely important advocate and speaker for women’s rights and children’s charities.

House of iKons designer showcase

This company is one to watch as her platform increases to grow, and showcase talent from all spectrum while staying true to the roots of the company by bringing new talent to the table and giving them a voice.  With her new designer’s garments now being sold in department stores, boutiques and featuring on red carpets across the world, as well as a huge array of music videos.  And with a client list that would rival the most famous of the Hollywood stylists, Ikons is a powerful voice in the world market.

Coming in February will be the highlight of the season! With the upcoming iKon’s show on the 17th, at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in London.  For more details see the links below:

house of iKons Tickets and show information link




ounded by Savita Kaye under Lady K Production, the House of iKons successfully draws in fantastic crowds since the launch in 2014. Savita Kaye’s ambition is for House of iKons to be a global brand, known for launching emerging designers. Working with global media partners has enabled House of iKons shows to be aired worldwide to millions of viewers.

House of iKons’ latest production during London Fashion Week will take place Saturday, Februarty 17th 2018 at the Millennium Gloucester LondonHotel.

In addition to House of iKons DURING London Fashion Week, shows have taken place in Los Angeles, Bangkok Beijing, Dubai and Abu Dhabi and partnered with official Budapest Fashion Week.

Designers have been signed to departments stores, boutiques, wardrobe for music videos and working with major celebrities such as Beyoncé, JLo, Katy Perry, Lady Ga Ga, Paris Hilton, Brtiney Spears, Tyra Banks to name but a few.

House of iKons has been created as a platform to launch emerging designers to the next level. Models and presenters who have taken part with the House of iKons shows here in London, Dubai and Los Angeles have also benefited. Working in TV and film.

As well supporting new emerging fashion creatives, but also supporting emerging music artists giving them a platform to perform and providing exposure via events here in London and abroad.

House of iKons is working with a number of charities and organisations providing internships and work experience in fashion, media, event planning and filming.

Few highlights from what to expect. Mimi Parrel Pimentel; this amazing designer creates and designs directly for The President of Republic of the Philipines and the First Family. This will be their first time in London exhibiting with government officials flying direct from the Philipines to celebrate and support this designer.

Lavender Rose Designs: This is an inspirational story that has touched many hearts already about this young designer. Sharlene an amazing mother and wife. Sharlene is a self taught designer and her 8 year daughter Tayla gave her mother the inspiration to make designs. Tayla enjoys modelling and catwalks as a hobby, but Tayla has SENSORY ISSUES that go hand in hand with her AUTISM, so Sharlene decided to start making Tayla a few cloths. But recently Tayla has run ideas past her mum about colours, shapes, designs and creativity. Tayla, is a beautiful 8 year old child has got so down about making friends, as she can’t understand why she can’t make friends. So Sharlene decided that they both need to do something together. Tayla who is only 8 years old has inspired her mother to create and design, the designs and creativity are from Tayla.

The CEO of House of iKons has quoted “I am honoured and humbled to announce that Lavender Rose Designs by Tayla Mai our youngest designer will honour our catwalk February 2018 DURING #LFW. Taylor Mai at the age of 8 years of age has a gift; she sees beauty, creativity, designs and shapes in everything, something probably you and I may not see. Her condition does not hold her back, but has accelerated beyond words.”
Another young designer brand ‘Designed by Josh’ who will be launching and exhibiting with House of iKons DURING #LFW February 17th.

His very first women’s capsule day to night collection is designed to take the woman from a normal workday in the office to any evening event. His main aim is to bring some glamour back to the boardroom in his designs.

This is no ordinary designer, he is only 12 Years of age. His collection has already begun a storm not just in UK but also in UAE. This young designer will be “one to watch”. With tv interviews planned in UK and USA.

House of iKons have teamed up with Doris Pearson a celebrity singer and song writer. Doris was part of a five group pop sensation called “Five Star” where their albums went platinum four times over in the 80’s and 90’s. Now Doris writes songs for pop artists today, and will be coming on board to choreograph the House of iKons Show.

This season House of iKons is proud to support The Sharan Project, a national registered charity that supports women who have experienced domestic violence, forced marriage, honour abuse and other forms of violence against women and children. They work in partnership with NGO’s, Police forces, the Legal & Private Sector and various government departments in UK and world wide. .

Savita said “Raising awareness that all forms of abuse against women and children must STOP not just here in UK but globally.”

Sponsored by Club Organix, Bryanna Angel Media Makeup Artist, Ideal U, and Kids Acting Showreel.

Amazing designers from around the world will be exhibiting.

Afternoon Show 3.30pm
1. Grand Opening: Adam & Alice London
2. Camillia Couture – Children’s Designer
3. Che Arunjuez
4. Roseanne McNamee
5. Jennifer White
6. Mimi Parrel Pimental
7. Be Unique Be You – Children’s Designer
8. Grand Finale: Iris Rodriguez

Evening Show 6.30pm
1. Grand Opening: HoneeMoon
2. Lavender Rose Designs – Children’s Designer
3. Bowen-Dryden
4. Shenannz
5. JAL Kids Fashion – Children’s Designer
6. Shahenda Hegazy
7. Designed by Josh
8. Jolie
9. Grand Finale: Aandrei David


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