ShenAnnz – Truly a blend of East & West

One’s personality is incomplete without appropriate dressing. Designing is all about creating a Wonderfulpiece aimed to make a person look beautiful.

ShenAnnz will cater to all the fashion needs of women by designing exclusive pieces with the Best of abilities, satisfying a woman’s desire to look beautiful and unique.

ShenAnnz aims to develop its workshop in Pakistan with a competitive team of tailors, embroiders and handwork led by a creative and qualified designer. Business development and sales in the west Will be taken care of by its Business Development Head based in Europe. Team ShenAnnz will compriseTalented and passionate professionals who will be dedicated to offering their best services and technicalSkills. With our dedication and commitment, we aim to make our brand an ideal and premier choice.

Creativity and personal growth will be an ongoingexercise where modern training and design Methodswould be imparted to workers. Through our creations client will have a choice ranging From short length Curtis to long Drape pieces, eastern ethnic wear to western stylish cuts. ShenAnnz aims to emerge as a dream destination for fashion-conscious ladies.

Luxury and sophistication, style and confidence, young and current…inviting etc., These all are just Diverse adjectives that describe ShenAnnz. A client’s unconditional satisfaction is and always will be Thecompany’s mantra for success. This business plan is written to foresee the business for up to Five years and the profitability expected out of it in order to attain initial investment to start the Business in full swing.