ShenAnnz – Truly a blend of East & West

The brand ShenAnnz is a dream of two sisters SHENILA and ANILA, born and brought up in Pakistan. Now Shenila is based in the east (Pakistan), whereas Anila is based in the west (Switzerland). Having strong roots in the east, they are well aware of the many challenges that women face in their life in traditional societies.

The idea of this business took root when Shenila obtained her professional degree in fashion design2012 and Anila attained her MARIA MONTESSORI DIPLOMA in 2010 in Switzerland. Being passionate about Their profession, both wanted to share their knowledge with each other and benefit their respective societies, Especially under-privileged women.

And this is how the fashion brand ShenAnnz was born. The label is now in the process of showcasing them East-West Fusion Couture Collection internationally with a deeper message of women’s emancipation and empowerment.

On the wings of a dream powered by their belief in equality between men and women, they Are trying to contribute and help nurture women’s creativity in their own small way and also generate Sustainablelivelihood for families.

The fusion of these two passions as “one” aims at creating a sustainable brand which will be known for its uniqueness, Transparency and above all its ethos. Anila and Shenila both plans to oversee staff hiring and training, imparting their expert advice in theirRespective fields to trainees. The company is putting together a competitive team with enthusiasm andDrive to meet customer needs to their utmost satisfaction.

ShenAnnz will not be the preserve of the chosen few among the elite, but aims to reach out to all. For this company, being an agent of change and creating goodwill in society is as important as the business objectives. Giving back to society is a responsibility ShenAnnz takes seriously.

The company remains active in local communities by providing social service as. We aim to realize and expand Our dream of educating people with the hope that over the years, this will not be limited to our workforce. The company will take part in charity to lend a helping hand to the needy and provide free grooming Service to women who have been physically abused. It will make their lives much better and ShenAnnz Will be satisfied in the knowledge that it has played its part in the improvement of our society.