Shenila Ali, was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan known as the glamorous city of lights. She has received recognition as a creative fashion designer and has been awarded a Gold Medal on completion of Bachelors in Fashion Design from Iqra University, Pakistan and the Star of Asian institute of fashion design. Her life is dedicated to all other women and would be become an inspirational force for women who want to become confident and independent and who dream to rise up and achieve…GO FORWARD AND REALISE YOUR DREAMS!

Over the years She discovered an artist in herself and developed her interest in English literature poetry and art. She  began writing poetry and took up English literature as my majors for bachelors .She loved all forms of art and created a number of art pieces and paintings She  got married at the age of 19 and had to quit her studies but the spark to achieve something was still kindling. Her first travelled to Europe in 2004 made her realize the scope of designing was vast in Europe and with the aim of availing the opportunity of designing in European market and the bridging the cultural gap between East and West, she decided to launch a designer brand namely SHENANNAZ partnership with her sister Anila. It stands for (SHEN_Shenila, ANNZ_Anila) creating fusion of names and cultures and identity.

After 10 year break in educational career. She joined the fashion university and  got recognition in the field of fashion and was given a chance to  exhibit her creativity number of times at AIFD stitch and craft exhibitions. It was her passion which led to the achievement of gold medal in her respective discipline . She  also has been awarded Dean’s list merit certificate and was selected as the star of AIFD for the year 2014. She was part of PFW 2014 amongst extreme well known designers of Pakistan.

In the world of creativity and innovations, the name Shenila Ali is amongst those designers who is extremely well generating fresh ideas and are also adding a very nice variety in the Pakistani fashion industry.

Shenila draws the inspiration from chic west and traditional east giving a taste of both in its creativity by focusing on fusion wear.