The brand ShenAnnz is a dream of two sisters SHENILA and ANILA,first
born and brought up in Pakistan. Now Shenila is based in the east
(Pakistan), whereas Anila is based in the west (Switzerland).

Having strong roots in the east, they are well aware of the many challenges
that women face in their life in traditional societies.

The idea of this business took root when Shenila obtained her professional degree in fashion design in
2012 and Anila attained her MARIA MONTESSORI DIPLOMA in 2010 in Switzerland. Being passionate about
their profession, both wanted to share their knowledge with each other and benefit their respective societies,
especially under-privileged women.

And this is how the fashion brand ShenAnnz was born. The label is now in the process of showcasing their
East-West Fusion Couture Collection internationally with a deeper message of women’s emancipation and empowerment.
On the wings of a dream powered by their belief in equality between men and women, they
are trying to contribute and help nurture women’s creativity in their own small way and also generate
sustainable livelihood for families.

The fusion of these two passions as “one” aims at creating a sustainable brand which will be known for its uniqueness,
transparency and above all its ethos.

Anila and Shenila both plan to oversee staff hiring and training, imparting their expert advice in their
respective fields to trainees. The company is putting together a competitive team with enthusiasm and
drive to meet customer needs to their utmost satisfaction.

ShenAnnz will not be the preserve of the chosen few among the elite, but aims reach out to all. For this
company, being an agent of change and creating goodwill in society is as important as the business
objectives. Giving back to society is a responsibility ShenAnnz takes seriously. And that is why the
company remains active in local communities by providing social service as . We aim to realise and expand
our dream of education people with the hope that over the years this will not be limited to our workforce.
The company will take part in charity to lend a helping hand to the needy and provide free grooming
service to women who have been physically abused. It will make their lives much better and ShenAnnz
will be satisfied in the knowledge that it has played its part in the improvement of our society



Women play a vital role in our society. It’s every woman’s right to carry herself
well and express her inner beauty as well as strength through her dressing.
Dressing not only expresses the inner self but rather create a lasting impression.
Dress can also play a vital role to bridge the gap between diverse cultures.

ShenAnnz came into being with a dream of erasing the boundaries. Its dream
is to celebrate diversity and to celebrate the vivid beauty of eastern and
western cultures. Its concept is aimed to build a lasting impression in both
societies benefitting each of them.

It aims to create a sustainable business by producing exclusive designer
pieces in its home town i.e. Pakistan, which will have western silhouettesintroduction2
adorned with eastern embellishments. This would be exported to western
market where eastern expertise will have recognition.

The company uses raw material to create the designer garments will be of the
finest best quality. The fabric would be made available from local and Chinese
markets and the embellishment used would be purchased from local as well
as Dubai and Indian markets. The money generated through sales would be
used for business expansion and well being of local society.

For couture clients ShenAnnz will not only create garments but also provideintroduction3
consultation regarding styling and grooming – the way to carry oneself and
one’s garment well. Illustration of finished products can also be provided on
demand. Prêt clients can also opt for consultation on request.

ShenAnnz also aims to play its ethical role in its home town by providing basic
Montessori education to the children of the people associated with them. This
will be the extra benefit other than their wages. This free education will be
imparted by trained Montessori teachers and the dream of educating children
will expand gradually.

Executive Summary

One’s personality is incomplete without appropriate dressing. Designing is all about creating a
wonderful piece aimed to make a person look beautiful.

ShenAnnz will cater to all the fashion needs of women by designing exclusive pieces with the
best of abilities, satisfying a woman’s desire to look beautiful and unique.

ShenAnnz aims to develop its workshop in Pakistan with a competitive team of tailors, embroiders

and handwork led by a creative and qualified designer. Business development and sales in the west
will be taken care of by its Business Development Head based in Europe. Team ShenAnnz will comprise
talented and passionate professionals who will be dedicated to offer their best services and technical
skills. With our dedication and commitment, we aim to make our brand an ideal and premier choice.

Creativity and personal growth will be an on-going exercise where modern training and design
methods would be imparted to workers. Through our creations client will have a choice ranging
from short length Curtis to long Drape pieces, eastern ethnic wear to western stylish cuts.
ShenAnnz aims to emerge as a dream destination for fashion-conscious ladies.


Luxury and sophistication, style and confidence, young and current….inviting etc., These all are just
diverse adjectives that describe ShenAnnz. A client’s unconditional satisfaction is and always will be
the company’s mantra for success. This business plan is written to foresee the business for up to
five years and the profitability expected out of it in order to attain initial investment to start the
business in full swing.

The Vision

To celebrate the fusion of eastern and western fashion alike and make
a positive contribution to society around the world.

The Mission

To harness the transformative power of a well-run business committed
to profitable growth in support of ShenAnnz’s Vision.

We will offer our customers products that delight them by interpreting our rich
heritage and traditional knowledge, while protecting the natural environment.

Mission of Shenannz Montessori School

The ShenAnnz School’s mission is to provide access to high quality Montessori
education for boys and girls at the rural level using English as the medium of
instruction. The Montessori Pedagogy views primary education as a major stepping
stone towards social mobility, equality and employment opportunities.

Values & Guiding Principles

To remain true to our company’s history and our original Vision of ensuring
customer-delight with our products and services.

To design, make and sell products with intrinsic worth that comes from the original
designs, knowledge, care and skill with which these are made.

To be true to our commitment and history as an ethical and trust-worthy brand
promoting a stake-holder based community model of inclusive capitalism.

To constantly share our Vision with our employees, suppliers, business associates
and customers, so that we collectively ensure that all our actions are in service of our
Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles laid down by the company.