SHENANNZ Private Limited is a sustainable Swiss and UK based fashion design house created with the aim of erasing the boundaries between people and diverse cultures and act as a bridge between them . SHENANNZ is the dream project and blend of passion of two sisters representing Shen-Shenila, a fashion designer based in  East (Pakistan) and Annz-Anila ,a Montessori teacher based in West (Switzerland ) .

On the wings of this dream powered by their belief in equality between men and women, they are committed to help foster women’s creativity and create sustainable livelihood. The brand carries an underlying message of women’s emancipation and empowerment.

SHENANNZ fashion design house produces exclusive designer pieces using finest raw material from around the globe at its manufacturing facility based in Pakistan. The brand has made its mark in world of western fusion wear as its designs feature western silhouettes adorned with artful eastern embellishments appreciated by growing western clientele. Its unique creativity has claimed its international market presence and gained rapid recognition in a short span of time penning the success story of SHENANNZ .

SHENANNZ believes that women play a vital role in our society. It’s every woman’s right to carry herself well and express her inner beauty and her strength by being well-groomed and stylized. An aesthetic sense of dressing and style not only expresses the inner self but also creates the first and lasting impression opening windows of opportunity and moving towards success. Keeping this in view SHENANNZ focuses on helping woman gaining confidence by providing styling and grooming consultancy individually and via workshops around the globe.

While the brand SHENANNZ serves the fashion-conscious customer, its social arm SHENANNZ Foundation reaches out to the underprivileged communities, actively working to help them progress in various spheres. It takes part in charities to lend a helping hand and fulfill their commitment to do what it can towards social upliftment not only in Pakistan but around the globe. SHENANNZ foundation aims at creating schools to provide access to high quality Montessori education for boys and girls at the primary level using English as the medium of instruction. The Montessori Pedagogy views primary education as a major stepping stone towards social mobility, equality and employment opportunities.


SHENANNZ is a young and dynamic fashion label based on the fusion of styles of the east and west. As a co-founder of the company, Shenila Ali dons many hats, the most important being the creative design head of SHENANNZ and also its resident advocate for women’s rights and upliftment.

A born artist, Shenila expresses her sense of art and freedom through her paintings. Passionate about design, she started her career as a young and dynamic fashion designer under the label of SHENANNZ, in partnership with her sister. Her urge to be a perfectionist in her craft inspired her to strive for the best, for which she was awarded a Gold Medal for her Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion. Her collections are currently being exhibited around the globe frequently, attracting international attention. She has also made her mark in image consultancy which includes transforming a woman through the means of a creative wardrobe and contemporary styling.

A qualified design professional, Shenila gives her fusion couture a new dimension. She uses her creativity and ideas to imbue her collections with a distinct design language, a unique expression of her creativity.
Her vision is to make SHENANNZ a global brand.
In keeping with her vision, she borrows from an innate sense of innovation, strong aesthetics and an exciting, experimental color palette which sets her collections apart.

Apart from being a fashion designer, she is passionate about making a difference in the world by incorporating social aspects to her design work .She focuses on empowering women by creating livelihoods for them and also by generating funds to educate their children.

Her creativity carries a strong message of women’s emancipation. Her struggles serve as a inspiration to those who dare to dream. She conducts various workshops internationally, emphasizing the importance of gender equality and also styling women to make them confident and beautiful.


Anila Hussain was born and raised in Karachi, the cosmopolitan business and fashion hub of Pakistan.

Since her childhood she has always been very determined, sporty and full of enthusiasm with a strong will to do and achieve something. A trained AMI and Pan American Montessori Educator for over 14 years,  she’s won many medals and trophies as Best Athlete at the national level.

Having strong roots in the east, she is well aware of the challenges that a girl comes across in her life in traditional societies. Armed with her sensitivity, enterprise and resolve, Anila is now committed to using her AMI Montessori education and free-thought to help empower women around her.

She is now in the process of showcasing her east-west fusion couture collection internationally with a deeper message of women’s emancipation and empowerment. On the wings of a dream powered by her belief in equality between men and women, she is attempting to contribute in her own small way to help foster women’s creativity and create sustainable livelihood for families.

Anila has been living in Switzerland for over 14 years with her husband and her three children and is currently busy promoting her enterprise by engaging with like-minded people across the globe.

She feels responsible for sharing EBBF Values of contributing towards a just and prosperous civilization by bridging the gap between east and west and merging two ethnicities and cultures, as well as passions and professions.

And through this journey, from a dream to making it a reality, her parents have been a great source of strength and inspiration.

Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.